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New Project: Feudal Dead

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    New Project: Feudal Dead

    I began this project with the udk in order to learn and continue my studies in game development, since I graduated from IADT last year march. I started working for my professor's company towards the end of the year but they really had no idea what they were doing, so I ended up leaving the group when they pulled the project. I started building my own game from scratch and came up and idea for a survival game genre based on feudal japan. Instead of the craze that has been happening with zombies I decided to go ahead and make this game based on a more lore friendly aspect of demons which necessarily doesn't mean it doesn't include zombies.

    For the time being I am a one man development team in which eventually will grow once I start getting some funding for it. So far I have been doing everything from 3d modeling, some scripting, and level designing for my current test map, which eventually will evolve to something greater.

    I encourage everyone to take a look and comment on how you like it so far. It's still early early development but I almost done with the design document while still giving something to look at.


    Personal Portfolio (Still needs updating):

    Hey Naruundi, welcome to the forums! If you don't mind, I'd like to share some feedback!

    I think choosing demons instead of zombies was a wise decision, but a choice that could equally lead to the same unoriginality as seen the whole 'zombie craze' if not handled correctly. Try to make the demons as unique to your game as possible, designing them to fit the setting and your overall vision. =)

    So far I like where the environment art is going. Of course like you said, things are early on, but I see potential! =D The images of the game you have on deviantart are set in the what looks like early morning - which is fine, but some dark and gloomy settings would definitely support the survival genre you're going for.

    I like what I see so far, good job. But you should know that choosing a setting in Japan can be VERY risky. Western audiences tend not like those sort of settings, if my observations are correct. Many games with these settings fail to make it over to the west, such as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, or Yakuza Ishin. Of course, it's not just the setting that draws people away from these games. Western and Eastern markets have both similarities and differences when it comes down to the types of games they play as an overall majority, but I urge you to exercise caution. Try to give the setting your own sort of twist if you wish, and mix things up a little. It's no easy task, but one I would advise. =)

    Obviously, I could be wrong, so it's down to whatever you think. They're just my thoughts. I hope to see more of the project soon!


      Thanks for the feedback, yes I understand I myself have thought about this from time to time, but decided after much thought that it would be best to work on something that interested me, especially for when I am working on a full first game project. Japanese oriental culture has always fascinated me so the lore of it all especially with the demon aspect allows me to actually think up and design multiple enemies and demons that would otherwise be limited to a specific type. Aka "a zombie game" would most likely be limited to just that, but a game about demons is much much more versatile. The current build is just a test map which will eventually evolve as I am making the models from scratch for each individual thing. So the lighting is definitely kept bright for visual purposes but it will eventually take on the role that it is intended :P

      I know that a lot of games have been post modernism which is alright for the type of games that are coming out but it is a bit overused. For instance watch dogs is based off Chicago, but for survival games there have been use of modern urban settings. (I actually have another design document for an urban parkour game, much like mirror's edge but much more unique). In the meantime I have been doing a lot of research into gloomy and much more developed scenery and I will again be working on a rework of the test map, but this time around it will be more focused on a finished level for the actual game. Two of the main things I have been working on is the player model and also 1 enemy model (a devilish imp) to work with the animations and eventually have a basic combat system in place so I have something to show and pitch.

      Any feedback is definitely appreciated seeing as one may be too focused on one thing over another and would have to think about other things. The project of course is still way on its way but for the time being, the more i research and study the more things start to come into place.


        Great work so far, keep it up! Be sure to post some updates for the project on this thread if you can!

        I'm also working on a project that draws lots of inspiration from Japan, and the Samurai themselves. I've given the setting my own twist too, so I'm exited (and slightly nervous) to see what sort of feedback I'll get. It's way off completion, but I'm working at a fairly slow pace for now, due to other matters that need attention over the coming months. =/

        But anyway, good luck with the project!


          Sweet, sounds good and thanks. Good luck with yours too. If you are looking for some help with world assets and such let me know, I'm always here to help and or create new things.


            Looks amazing! Keep it up my friend.