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Stealth puzzle-platformer: is the UDK what I need?

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    Stealth puzzle-platformer: is the UDK what I need?

    Hi there,

    I am an indie game developer that currently works on a first-person puzzle with elements of stealth. I have no much experience in 3D game development, save some small 3D demo scenes and a 2D game I made when I was in a high school. At the time I am on my last course of the particle accelerator physics department in the Moscow Engineering-Physics Institute. So game development is just my big hobby. I am working alone at the time.

    Taking into account my experience in game development, being not funded and working alone I tried to design a game that would not require tons of content (like textures, models, animations, sounds and so on) and put efforts to design original game mechanics and sophisticated levels. In other words, I tried to design a game that would be feasible for me to implement.

    So far I have designed basic game mechanics, the gun and two conceptual levels. I am working openly, so you can find the description of the game on my GitHub page I have not stuffed the gameplay with lots of elements yet, because it would be a waste of time if this concept fails.

    Initially I planned to make an HL2 mod, because there is some content I could use to create a demo and the Source engine fits my needs as well. The problem is that Valve does not tell what are their conditions for those who want to sell mods. Licensing a several thousand dollars engine then realizing that people do not buy the game is not wise and affordable for an indie developer. I sent them two emails with questions but no answer so far.

    Then I learnt about tempting options of the UDK commercial use, but I am not sure the Unreal engine is the right choice. So my question to the community is do you think the UDK is the right choice for this kind of a game?

    I would appreciate any feedback: do you find this game funny, what would you change, add or remove?

    P.S. I know that Quantum Conundrum is made on the UDK, but it has a different gameplay...

    Hi duburlan,
    I know it was a long waiting for your question, but I saw this thread when I was searching for another thing here.

    For your question, it is a "yes"! UDK supports a game with stealth element. You can check the stuff made for one of UDK forum members, Neoptolemus:

    I had the opportunity to check their code and the most of things work fine. But I must to confess a project has less content to worry with First Person camera (animations, cover system and other things will be smoother). So, you made a good choice. I read the concept in GitHub and it sounds interesting.

    I believe if you choose UDK as your engine, you can post your progress in WIP session threads, having more answers because a lot of people are doing a game, or just levels, with stealth mechanics here (myself included). About UDK license, you won't regret it. They will answer all your questions about it. I bought an UDK license before my beta is finished and they helped me a lot with the questions, in the forum and contacting directly the selling department.
    I tested other engines before UDK and I stick with it because the good documentation and the great community.


      It's nice to hear a response, there was so long silence.. Actually, I chose Unreal Engine 4, because its new subscription based license looked attractive.
      I'm also delighted to hear that you read my game concept and you found it interesting. I already have realised almost all gameplay elements described in the concept.

      Now I want to record a video with my gameplay, but the problem is I can't come up with a small and interesting level, where I could demonstrate all the gameplay elements I developed. I think the problem is that when I created this game in my mind, it looked interesting and attractive. But now when it is in real, I looks very different =D