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Untitled - 2.5D Shooter (Duel stick) WIP - Playable download

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    Untitled - 2.5D Shooter (Duel stick) WIP - Playable download

    Hi, I'm currently working on a game and would like some early feedback on some things. Would greatly appreciate if you could download and play around with it for a bit. Use Keyboard and mouse, XBox360/XInput controller. I know the mouse pointer is a bit off, will be fixed.

    Download 270MB:
    (2MB install for launcher, 270MB update)

    *Instructions for running the game:*
    F1 - Switch between Keyboard/mouse and controller. (starts in controller mode)
    Pressing "~" or the "Tab" button opens the console in which you can type in these commands -
    quit - quits the game
    toggleMouse - same as F1. Switches main input device (doesn't stop some input for now)
    restartLevel - restarts the level
    setres 1920x1080f - set the resolution to 1080 full-screen (where "f" is Full-screen and "w" is Windowed). You can change it to what you like.

    Extra commands

    hideCameraTriggers - toggle the hidden stuff that triggers the camera changes.
    hideBlockers - toggle screen bounds.

    Controller layout

    Keyboard/Mouse (F1 in game)

    W - Up
    S - Down/Crouch
    A - Back
    D - Forward
    C - Crouch
    Space/Left Ctrl - Jump
    Mouse B1 - Shoot
    Mouse B2 - Secondary weapon
    R - Super attack (when blue meter is full)
    Left Shift - Roll ( Shield removed )

    Esc - Menu/Pause

    BuG model made by Vertigoo! thanks! - I steam most times when I'm working on this.

    very nice work



      Keyboard and mouse added.
      Now for a couple of months on art and building the game.


        Updated. Would appreciate some feedback if you guys have time to give this a go. Controls, and how the mechanics work/feel. I'll try to post progress and update more frequently.


          Playing it now Dn2 I like it so far, keep it up man.


            Thank you! :3


              Changed how controls work again. Added "roll" mechanic. Left-Trigger or Left-Shift to do an invincible roll. Though there is no actual roll animation yet lol. First post for download.
              Next up enemies and some level art.