Hey all, I am a 3D modeler and digital artist. I do abit of everything but my focus is 3D Character and weapon modeling. I've been working on game concepts since I was in 4th grade. Come a long way since then. So I discovered I had no talent or patience for coding. So I chose to approach game design and concept from the art side of things. I found that by building in 3D what was in my head I could better communicate my ideas. So, here are some images of my current work in progress. I'm currently working through various tutorials on the UDK engine. I have a decent grasp of using the editor, but the finer points of using it for production workflow is still beyond me. Hence using resources like Digital Tutors and such to learn more. I am working on this project as a passion. However, I am motivated and determined. I hope that my work on this project I have done now, and will continue to do; will be proof of that motivation.

To help build that proof. I will post updates to my work here as I make them.

I am Currently Knowledgeable in:
-Mainly 3D Modeling and Sculpting:Characters, Weapons, Environment.
-Some Texturing.
-Some Rigging.
-Some Animation.
-Some UDK (Basic level design, lighting, kismet)

I am also looking for help from the community. If any of you can point me in the direction of tutorials covering these topics. Please leave a reply with a link:

Seeking knowledge in:
-Importing skeletal meshes and animations into UDK for third person play only.
-Setting up custom textures and materials for environment, weapons, and characters.
-Creating a game quality 3rd person camera.
-Creating a 3rd person lock on targeting system (can toggle).

Ill leave this post with some pictures of my current work in progress.


More progress to come.