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    Pc game

    Energiano is a scifi role playing video game by Buildpalace. The game will have 2 modes, singleplayer and multiplayer. In the multiplayer version, you can chose two modes, team vs team or team vs computer where players will join the hero team and will cooperate to complete their mission objective while fighting the terrorist team.
    A player can choose to play as one of 4 different default character models. Players are generally given a few seconds before the round begins (known as "freeze time") to chose the place where they want to be when to round begins. They can buy items before the round begins with experience points they got from completing mission on the offline version.
    The abilities that the player can buy for their character are either "universal" (abilities that the player will be able to use regardless of their class during a mission) and class-specific.
    The Squad Commander system gives players context-sensitive objectives. A variety of factors—where the player is, how skilled he is, his overall mission progress, etc.—determine what objectives will be available. During online play, the player can defend one of his faction's command posts or capture an enemy's command post.
    In the game open world, you explore by yourself but you can go to places where you can find others peoples, for example if you go to a sport arena, the computers connects to a multiplayer server.

    We are looking to expand ou team, if you are interested leave a message.