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    Sogni: L'inizio

    Hi all!
    I'm going to show you a project I'm working on in my freetime so don't expect something mighty.
    I will not reveal anything about the plot but stay tuned and I'll update this post
    I would like to thank two users because i'm using their code:
    -Sim220 (save system)
    -DarkCarnivour (Edge detection)
    -Hourences (Hud, text, images)


    "Sogni" is a Linear-storytelling game, a sort of interactive movie (first person) but I can not define that as I'm not able to reproduce the mechanical properties of games such as "Heavy Rain" or "Beyond: Two Souls". The subtitle is "The beginning" because what will publish only the first part of a larger story that I created. I'm working on this game alone so do not expect anything mighty, I'll certainly do my best. As already mentioned, the basic idea is to create a sort of "Interactive Movie" therefore everything will be based on simple interactions with the world around us, choices in the dialogue (to be polite or rude), some Quick Time Event . If I will create an engaging story the game will entertain people, otherwise it will be a failure. The game will be in Italian and English languages but without dubbing because i don't want that a bad dubbing ruin the game. Sorry for my english

    Some images

    Some models are imported from skethcup, others are created by me using other models from sketchup as a reference (this is the only way that allow me to create something concrete)


    UPDATE 11/09/13


    "We are frightened by nightmares: simple mental projections of our brain, totally controllable, which disappear in a fraction of a second.
    Simply bad dreams.
    We are terrified by that notwithstanding the knowledge that what is really scary is reality"

    Sogni talks about the story of Steven Olsen, an ex-cop.
    He was famous for his particular skill in solving cases through the dreams, he call this skill "sensation".
    He was able to connect the clues while sleeping using the technique called "lucid dreams".
    He was also "helped" by his blindness because he was (and he is) able to capture the signs that a body express like the voice tone.
    But something happend some years ago when a particular memory invades his mind:
    the lighthouse, the falling down sensation, the water... it's only a nightmare or a really memory?
    He was no longer able to control his dreams, he entered in a confused and depressed state and then he was fired from the police.
    His shrewd personality is in part lost (not at all), he is afraid to sleep and dream, sometimes he can't recognize the diffrence between reality and oniric.
    Now, after five years, someone knocks at his door: Gwen Neuer
    Who is she? What she want?
    Our story starts from here but where will it end?

    Works state

    Everyday, after university, I find some time to work on Sogni:L'inizio.
    First thing: the game changed name after a request from an other italian indie devolper so now the name is "Sogni: L'inizio".
    I also improved the black and white effect for the character and this is the result (it is a bit dark):

    I can say that the development is acutally at 30% infact i have worked on 12 different levels for, approximately, 30 minutes of gameplay but these leveles don't have music and a lot of sound effects so they are a bit raw.
    The story of this prologue is definitively complete so now I have a lot of material that i must transpose from paper to the game, plus I started to register some music for the game and this is the first soundtrack trying:

    I complete this news with a new image of the game where you can see a diner (the skeletalmeshes aren't animated yet):

    Nothing special but i hope you like it a bit XD

    This looks really interesting


      Thanks fighter!


        Sorry for double-posting but i have update the first post