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    An on time update for once.

    That said, slightly lacklustre. Not because of lack of content, just because it so **** dull.

    The two renditions of Snow White are both very close to being ready for full use in engine. Rigs set, weights almost painted. APEX cloth pipeline working for both characters, now I just need to get the simulation pretty.

    After then its maps polishing in preparation for some play tests/feedback sessions. Yet to be determined when and what form this will take exactly, but it only terrifies me a little.

    See you next week.

    Also, I'm a little moist reading about UDK 4, anyone else?


      I've been cracking on the UE4 for a few days now and it's certainly worth the change of undergarments....I've just been slowly pulling over my project to the new's a lot of having both engines open and trying to keep it the way I had it before...lot's of copy & paste...

      What does UE4 mean for Eye of the Abyss?...


        Nice, sounds like fun.

        Eye of the Abyss is gonna stay in UE3, as I have a fair amount of custom classes which I would have to port to C++ (that I would have to learn) and i just dont have the time before it is due. Perhaps when I continue work on it after Uni I will port it over to UE4, but thats for future Nic to deal with.


          A problem! Whenever I try to launch FrontEnd nothing at all happens. Windows asks me if I want to let it make changes etc I say yes and nothing. No program, no slight pop of program then crash, just nothing.
          Also, and probably related, I cant run "Play on PC", again, nothing happens. This will be a severe issue later in the production, and I would like to fix it ASAP. Any ideas?

          On with the update!

          No pretty pictures or videos this week, just my soothing words.

          With possible play tests fast approaching I decided to place my AI bots into the game maps, and this aroused a bug or two in the Evil Snow White, which prompted me to make a re-entry into UnrealScript, good times. Likewise, the need to freeze AI for cutscenes led me to write my own Freeze AI node in Kismet, since the built in Freeze AI node doesn’t work on my bots. Both of these code jiggerings worked first time to my eternal shock.

          Beyond that, some more dressings of maps happened, along with the preparation of character models for final use in-engine.

          Here is my change-log from this week.

          See you friday.

          -New Class added
          -TDSeqAct_Freeze_TD_AI (freezes custom AI classes for cutscenes etc)
          -Day map begun
          -Kismet added to night and throneroom to spawn AI where appropriate

          -Mirror Frame added to throne room map.
          -Enemy spawns on main maps moved to visible triggers for testing purposes.
          -Evil Snow White code addition
          -Touch and Untouch events stop constant retreating after hit.

          -Snow Whites both weight painted.
          -Siblings and Snow Whites placed in UDK packages.


            Many happy results from this weeks work.

            Firstly, the maps have all been added to. Little details for some, and big revamps for some. Details and pics as follows:

            The menu map now has a few signs giving the player basic movement control instructions, as well as some better designed surroundings.


            The dark forest has had the Castle exterior added to, it now sports some struts and stuff, looks more solid and foreboding.


            The Throne Room has had candle sticks added on the perimeter to dress it up a little, and a mirror frame has been added on the stairs, along with improving the mirror shards on the floor.


            And finally, the brother and sister have had their textures completely revamped. The brother is ready to roll, and the sister just needs a few more details added.


            All in all I’m very happy with this week, and am looking forward to carrying the momentum on to next week.

            Change log here:

            -Signs added to Menu Map

            -April fools!
            -But seriously, all characters now have base skel_meshes in the UDK properly packaged
            -Detailing added to caslte in dark_forest
            -support horizontals
            -candles added to Throne Room, along with blocking volumes
            -Tiled_Wall_Mat given UV value.
            -cube and cylinder added to Base_Assets

            -Brother textures complete and packaged.

            -Sister normal mapped, specualr mapped and base diffuse mapped.


              A fun, if slightly lacking update this week.

              While being waylaid by a lymphatic infection (still not completely over it) I managed to texture both incarnations of Snow White, and fully package them into the UDK.


              Beyond that the rest of my work is to do with this website:

              -A ticketing system for submitting bug reports, in preparation for an alpha playtest (found under Projects > Eye of the Abyss > Report a Bug)

              -A change to the url’s of my site to allow for easier linking to said bug reports (past hyperlinks may no longer work )

              -Re-opening and tweaking of registration for my site (for more accountable bug reporting, may be changed.)

              Change log here:

              -Sister textures finished and packaged
              -ticketing system for bug reporting added to website

              -Evil Snow White fully textured and packaged.

              -Pure Snow White Fully Textured and packaged.

              -Website registration system changed to include names, human-ness verification and admin approval.
              Check out my site in my sigature to learn more.


                I realise I missed last weeks update, but I will blame the Easter bunny for that.

                Additionally, my project work has shifted into slow gear, temporarily, while I focus more on the written portion of my Masters, which I will post information about in next weeks update.

                For now, I am in preparation to move to the MoCap phase and pump out a playable alpha. So excited.



                  Super mega fun times update!

                  Okay, so firstly game progress:

                  A basic HUD class has being made to incorporate a health indication system and a pause screen into the game, currently all place holders. I’ve made a place holder loading screen, which looks like thus


                  that eye thing blinks…or it would if my computer wasn’t so fast #humblebrag

                  additionally, I have added a light component to the sword in-game, so that it illuminates ones path, and have darkened the appropriate maps to make this effect worthwhile.

                  On top of this sexiness, I have booked out the motion capture studio for TOMORROW! So excited. So I’ve spent today reviewing my animation lists and script.

                  On the website: I have found and begun testing a download system for distributing my game (alpha, beta, and release) and it seems quite promising, I can even sell it with paypal, bitcoin, dogecoin, cash….pending talking to an accountant :/ but that means that even you here on the UDK forums will be able to participate in a playable alpha test, if the mood takes you.

                  On the written side (I understand if you tune out here) I have set up a proper essay skeleton for my work and am continuing to read through my pile of reference material (if any of you are interested in fairy tales as a point of study, check out the writers Jack Zipes and Vladmir Propp, Nietzsche is really interesting thematically too). The main points of my essay hope to illustrate the large influence that fairy tales have on our development as children, and then to investigate the ethical ramifications of this, in terms of the spread, diversity and source of this forming force.

                  Anyway, I hope to have this thing playable very soon! Watch this space!


                    Originally posted by ArcanisLupus View Post
                    Watch this space!
                    done and done....

                    still looking forward to this....

                    Congrats on the MoCap...I do believe Steam Greenlight is in your future...I'd buy a game like this if it were there...


                      I didn't see this before but i seldom visit this part of the forum.

                      Nice to watch a dev's progress, and yeah the mocap is depressingly excellent because I have little chance of doing that


                        Just got back from an ~8 hour session in the Mocap studio, its great to see there is interest in this project ^_^ doing this as part of a degree makes for access to lots of very juicy software and hardware.

                        Greenlight is definitely on my radar as far as distribution goes. In a perfect world I'd go the way of Notch and distribute solely from my own website, but realisticly I think Greenlight is the way to go.


                          Happy birthday to me.

                          Time's passage aside, so much awesomeness has happened in Eye of the Abyss. Full change log at the bottom of this post. Details somewhere between that and this.

                          The MoCap recording went wonderfully. My lovely assistant and I got all the in-game (no cutscene stuff yet) animation recorded over an 8 hour session.

                          Next, the implementation of the mocap. Expecting this process to be pain itself, it actually turned out to be the very embodiment of simplicity (albeit repetitive) and I have got almost all the animations in place, rendering the game playable to outside people. Now, all that stands between me and a release Alpha is making some placeholder cutscenes and some sound. It should be noted that the animations currently in use are placeholder...not cleaned perfect mocap. But they do function correctly.

                          Additionally, I have made a little test map that players can sandbox in. They can spawn enemies, equip/unequip their shield, refill health, the usual little testing things. This will be included in the alpha release.

                          Here is a quick (maybe not so quick) video of it in action.


                          So with all that done, this time next week there will be a playable alpha available for download on my site! I hope you're all as excited as I am!

                          Change log:
                          -New version!
                          -All brother placeholder animations in place and working (sans hurt and death anim)
                          -New class: TDBrotherGame (making a game mode for each character type. clunky? yes. easy to use? yes.

                          -All BroBlob Anims in place (sans hurt and death)
                          -New class: TDSisBlob (enemies to match the appropriate gamemodes listed above, will make sperate maps no doubt. Might be bad for file sizes....

                          -All Evil Snow White Anims in places (sand hurt, stun and death)
                          -KISMET class that giveth shield has been improved to also taketh away.
                          -New MAP! TEST_Brother_Anim: for all your testing needs as the brother.
                          -Change to Evil Snow White AI, ranged attack now triggered by Anim Notify, blessedly easy.

                          -ITS MY BIRTHDAY! WHY AM I STILL WORKING?!
                          -New class: TDSeqAct_GiveHealth: refill the players health through kismet, because why not?
                          -Health refill trigger added to sandbox map.
                          -Introduction text added to sandbox map, progressed via Space and skipped/ended via E. its so simple once you know how ^_^


                            Early Alpha now available for download!

                            Two weeks of not cleaning my room. Two weeks of surviving off of leftovers (many litres of chick soup). Two weeks of not shaving!

                            Here is is at last, the first playable alpha safe for public release! Download it here.

                            Once/if you've given it a play, please take the small amount of time it will take to fill out the survey and, if necessary report any bugs (You need to sign up and log into the site to do this, sadly nothing I can do.)

                            This has been a harrowing/amazing experience. From here I will rest for a bit then start adding all the things that are still missing and act on any bug reports that come in.

                            Play, enjoy, have fun, peace out.

                            Here is the change log since last week:

                            -Brother Hurt and Death animations in place
                            -Kismet on Test map has functions to restart map in the case of death
                            -Player regen added, 10 seconds without damage or blocking damage and heals 2HP/sec, restarts if attacked/blocks
                            -Dwarf death and hurt anims added and implemented
                            -Dwarf now freezes in death pose upon death, cannot be unfrozen
                            -If player attacks while in first person, camera returns to third person
                            -ESnow hurt and stunned anims in place and working
                            -sprinting state added for player, bound to left control, anims in place (humorously fast)

                            -Maps prepared for release: map transitions added.
                            -Forest Map: Dwarf spawn triggered by volume
                            -cutscene placeholders added to Throne_Room
                            -Shield cutscene now activated by first ball hit.
                            -Ball now moves at 4500, increased 50% from 3000
                            -ESnow movement speeds all reduced by 25
                            -ESnow strafe distance doubled.
                            -Begining of cutscene in day forest implemented.

                            -Attacking while moving now stops movement
                            -Emptied StopFire function to smooth attacking, still needs work
                            -Placeholder cutscenes added to day forest and dark forest, all done for now
                            -Fixed bug in locking on, can now switch targets properly.
                            -Dwarfs now working correctly on all maps, slightly dodgy. Why behave differently on different maps?
                            -TD_Sound asset pack added
                            -all music added and in maps
                            -foots steps for player, blob and ESnow in place and shoddy
                            -basic sword hit and block sounds all working, also shoddy
                            -ESnow now does 20 damage per-hit
                            -Pause Menu made proper
                            -Can return to menu forest, exit game, and view credits

                            -Added Ball sounds and Blob spawn sound
                            -commented out all debug
                            -Ball mesh copied to BasicAssets for better packaging
                            -removed all use of engine default texture

                            TO DO:
                            -Sister versions of animations and such


                              after going thru the process to dl... purchase/free etc, I eventually arrived at a page that suggested I change my browser...


                                Originally posted by Snipe34 View Post
                                after going thru the process to dl... purchase/free etc, I eventually arrived at a page that suggested I change my browser...
                                hmmm this is the blessing of Wordpress plug-ins. I'll give the site a heavy going over come morning.