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    After 328 days on Steam's Greenlight, Recruits was successfully Greenlit a few days ago!

    This means that we will be offered worldwide distribution via Steam once the game is ready for Early Access and Final Release. Head over to our site to check out Recruits now.

    So far the feedback for Recruits has been VERY positive and all of the support we have received so far has helped us push the quality of Recruits further and further to where we are aiming it to be. There is still lots to do and complete but we are on track and have clear goals for the future ahead. Now I just wanted to share some Greenlight information with you all, feel free to ask me any questions about how the Greenlight process went for us and hopefully give you some insight for your own games currently on Greenlight.

    Let’s talk Stats:
    As I mentioned earlier, it took 328 days for us to gather enough votes to become Greenlit. With 46,934 ‘YES’ votes and 118,198 unique visitors to the page over that time Recruits was, for most of the time, just inside the Top 50 games the whole time.

    The Journey:
    Usually, a batch of games would be Greenlit and Recruits would move up the ladder and become closer to the Top 20 and Top 10. This was all fine, until we actually got there. Once in the Top 20 we thought… Ok… in the next batch or two we should be Greenlit and all done. Oh we were wrong.

    What happened was, new games were popping onto Greenlight all the time and getting into the Top 10 really quickly, effectively pushing everyone back down the line and as we were in the top 10 and then pushed back to #16 and then the Top 12 or 14 games were Greenlit, we had to wait even longer. This happened a few times over many months until the other day where we were in position #8 and the Top 14 games were Greenlit.

    There were many times where we had game sales and big press coverage and we moved up in position, but this was earlier on in the greenlight days and looking back, we should have pushed more for this to happen near the end when we were closer to the Top 20 or so games so that it would get us ‘over the line’ so to say.

    Thank You!
    Again, thank you all very much. This opens the doors and gives us the opportunity to really make Recruits the game we have always dreamed of! Stay tuned for more updates and information from us about the game soon!

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    Congratulations on getting Greenlit, Recruits looks cool (y)