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    UDK Level

    So I haven't been on the forums in a good long while.
    Here's my first post back:

    I created a whole level using 3DS Max and imported it to UDK for my assignment. I had to add audio into the level. I was going for a dark style level (almost horror) but forgot to create the lighting maps.
    I was hoping that you wouldn't mind looking at the video and telling me what you think. The main point I wanted to know is that does the sound fit the video.

    Here is the link:

    i think this is blockout you can do that in UDK with solids, no need to model whole level in 3ds-max,
    After blockout then you model meshes one at the time and import them to UDK


      Their isn't really much to give feedback on. Not to demean the time you have put in but all we see is a v.small tunnel, a staircase & some spikes.
      You say you don't want feedback on the textures/lighting but that's mostly all their is.

      At the same time providing feedback on the "music" which just sounds like Wind is difficult as we have no idea on the game-play style, the lighting is pivotal in setting the mood, given the brightness I wouldn't expect anything remotely "daunting" or scary as a soundtrack which you stated was your initial plan.