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Pine Forest Lake Environment Project - Looking for some early feedback! :)

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    Pine Forest Lake Environment Project - Looking for some early feedback! :)

    Hey everyone,
    Made some decent progress on my environment project, haven't spent too long on it so far but I figured it was coming along decently that it was time for me to get some early feedback before I make the final push to get things complete.

    I still have a lot to do, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding what I could add in and what I should change about it now. It's obviously still very WIP, many things that I want to change and add in. The bushes are pretty temporary, I need to improve them and adjust their colors, then go in and place them properly (right now I just did a quick paint job using the foliage painter, so they are just randomly placed).

    I'm planning on adding in a small pier/dock, with a boat to go with it. I will also be adding in smaller details such as weeds, small plants, flowers, small rocks, dead logs/branches, larger rock formations (the rocks in the scene right now are old ones that I made years ago, I'll be making fresh new ones that look much better soon). I'll also be adding in several variations of the pine trees, and I think I'll be redoing the pine needle placement on the current ones.

    Colors still need to be adjusted overall, but I'm holding off on color changes to the various textures I have because I will be doing a significant amount of post processing to get an overall tone/feeling/mood for the scene.

    Terrain textures are also very WIP, I will be adding more details into the distant terrain to make it more detailed overall, and the tiling textures I'm using for the up close detail textures still need a final pass on them since I'm not satisfied with the results just yet.

    Any feedback/suggestions/ideas/thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks!

    If you could make something like a tutorial, that would be great )))