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Open world game using udk

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    Open world game using udk


    NO RETURN (Working Title) is an Open World FPS set in the not too distant future. A new strain of the N1H1 virus has turned the
    worlds population into a swarm of mutant zombies. If that wasn't bad enough the UN has passed Agenda 21 in a secret session and
    forced humanity to move and live in allocated population areas. The player is faced with the task of not only surviving but also with
    bringing the UN back under civilian control.

    Creating the open world map for No Return has been a struggle but after a few months I have a basic 17 square kilometer map
    up and running. The total size of the map should reach 200/300 square kilometers in time, just a case of adding more
    terrain. The map currently has 9 town/cities to explore and as the map gets larger other towns and cities will be added for the
    player to explore. If you are interested in creating additional terrain for the game please contact me at

    The Game features 24 hour real-time dynamic lighting as well as a 365 day weather cycle. I'm only now adding textures for the different
    weather effects (snow etc) and am looking for someone with experience in creating good sky and weather shaders. Most of the assets
    are very basic as I'm currently learning 3dmax, so if you feel you can contribute to the project id like to hear from you.

    Information can be found at the following link

    The site is updated most weeks and ill get some videos up when i get the HUD up and running.

    I would like to hear more about it...
    like how did you do the maps? plus other little things