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Untitled Game - Functionalities preview

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    Untitled Game - Functionalities preview

    Hello everyone ! this is my first post and just wanted to say thanks because i have learnt a lot about UDK from the community here.

    I started this project 1 month ago to see what i would be able to do with udk. As i was going further it's ended up taking shape into some game. I was hesitating to show something very unpolished but well i still wanted to share something. So keep in mind that this is a very early work in progress

    The game itself is meant to be played in relatively short session but with long term bonuses. Imagine "Borderlands" with "League of Legends", you are starting from beginning everytime but keeping your loot, ok that sounds stupid at first, but eventually will become clearer as people play the game (one day hopefully).

    To keep stuff interesting there is a lot of random things (levels, creatures...) and you will be able to recreate you skill tree every time, imagine the skill tree a little like when you build your deck in a trading card game, here the skill tree is not just a few choices you will have access to a bunch of option that can make your character very different. Again it is hard to explain and i might just confuse you right now, but it should be clear as soon as someone just try the game

    So here are 4 videos showing the game :

    1 - Profile management

    The game can manage several profiles, the game save some basic information about the player and give+save 7 starting skills (which you can see in video 2). The saving is a mix of sapitu system and basic save and load (udk functions) with JSON. Also at the end of the video i'm moving the camera around to show the custom UI moving a bit with the player view movement (the UI is not fully functional yet).

    2 - Skill UI

    That one show a skill system with an hexa grid. You can see my life going as i add more bonus in the grid. Right now i only prepared health bonus, but could be anything and not only bonus but also may be new skills / moves (placeable shields, turrets, invisibility .... whatever i could program) You can not put anything anywhere, small bonus have no requirement but stronger ones need to be adjacent to other. Red color means Strengh category the +20hp needs at least 2 adjacent strengh bonuses and the +40 needs 3. Its working well but surely not finished and its open to a lot of improvement. You can loot those skill on monsters. Every floors (cf: video 4) you will gain skill points and be stronger.

    3 - Combats

    For moment its very classic, just creature running at you and attacking, the bigger one try to escape when he have low life and when he die 4 smaller ones appear. Those are just for testing some basing AI, i didnt have time to make it more complicate for moment but i plan to make them as clever as possible (will depends on the creature some might be stupid on purpose )

    4 - Random Levels

    This one is not obvious from those videos, but the principal point of the game for moment is to keep going up as far as you can, each time you change floor the game pick a new floor from a list. Depending on how high you are the spawn will be more difficult. The program will calculate some stuff and will spawn more enemies or/and stronger ones and try to keep the difficulty balance, i dont define spawns for each floors its all random. The number of floors is infinite, for moment i can only show one as the others are really ugly right now.... But its been tested with several random floors already.

    Thanks for taking time to read and watch this !

    Lastest video :

    It's been a while and there is lots of stuff i'd like to show but some need more polish. Also those last months it was a lot of programation involve and it's not always "sexy".

    Here is a video of the current AI, it needs improvements but they can still offer a good fight :

    And a small random picture :


      A new pic of the same environment as before but i adjusted the lighting and the overall feeling of the place. Just to be clear i do not do 3d/texturing i merely adjust or modify when needed and put things together, I mostly use packages i bought on different 3D store. Looks much before in movement but here it is :


        Here is a picture showing foot placement for those little guys. Its not perfect but it does a pretty decent job and help them look far less stupid on stairs or slope. I also rotate them a bit to follow the inclination.


          Beautiful I get a Dead Space feel from from the first two and the last two images remind me of Korriban from KOTOR. Anyways, keep up the good work.


            Thanks for your feedback ! the picture with the monster are from my first map when testing UDK, i was done before i even start that game but i still use it for testing

            I have others bigger maps, here are a few screens of the most advance one. It's still very WIP, there is many details to add and the layout is not finished and the light is not really done for the interior. This one is using UDK assets mostly, i still hope people will like it


              I'm back with a video, it wasn't made with production build.... anyway here it is !

              I'd like to show my new website too with some other projects :

              Also i'd like to add that if your company hire don't hesitate to contact me !


                Your creative reuse of the UDK Level assets is fantastic, the way you're blending the different areas is extremely impressive. The adaptable weapon performs very well, cool concept: one gun fits all. I can only imagine what I could do wielding two of the those bad boys. Keep it up!!!



                  The weapon system is inspired by Borderland, not as complex of course. I generate more or less random stats for each weapons and a random color. There is 3 basic types of weapons for moment, rifle, shootgun and snipe and like in borderland each category of weapon share the same pool of ammo.