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RPG Inventory Starter Kit (WIP)

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    RPG Inventory Starter Kit (WIP)

    Hey everyone,

    Some guys that I help with their game every now and then asked me for an inventory screen, and I've decided to make a Starter Kit off it instead, as I know this kind of Inventory feature is a recurrent question and would be a nice addition for the community.
    And it's now finished and ready for download!

    Here's how it looks:

    • A custom archetypable Inventory class where you can set its mesh, item/armor type, stats, etc
    • A custom archetypable Weapon class where you can set its mesh, weapon type, stats, etc
    • A custom ItemPickup class, used for both placing items/weapons in the world and dropping them off dying enemies. This class is quite simple and points to the Inventory/Weapon archetype
    • An InventoryManager class that handles the inventory spaces (that limits the amount of items you can pick up) as well as the equipped items
    • A scaleform inventory screen (the flair of it all!), with draggable Char and Backpack windows
    • Char window has a Weapon slot as well as 6 armor slots
    • Equipping/unequipping at the Char weapon slot actually changes the character’s weapon
    • Armor and Weapons work per-slot (like the Scaleform Inventory demo), so a weapon can only go in the Weapon slot, or in the backpack spaces. Same for every Armor slot type
    • Unique Item icons, defined per-item in the editor
    • Objects are droppable back to the world
    • Custom ‘Gold’ item that when picked up adds up to the character’s Gold amount
    • Armor attachment system
    • Looting other Characters
    • Looting other Characters’ gold
    • Looting containers
    • Regular weapon switching is disabled
    • Placeable Pawns (NPCs) can be assigned their inventory items individually in the editor

    It extends the UT* classes because I wanted an easy template to have a character and a camera. however making it extend the base classes shouldn't be too hard

    there's just one drawback: this is not the inventory system I use in my game, so once I finish it there will not be any future updates/additions, except for any important bug fixing.

    get it here: [RPG Inventory Starter Kit at my blog]
    [edit: updated it to v1.1 - make sure you get the new one as it contains at least one crucial fix]

    note: I'm keeping this thread with info as it's now meant to serve to answer questions and provide support

    That looks awesome, I look forward to seeing the end result.


      very cool ! keep it up


        Awesome as usual Chosker


          thanks guys

          here's today's update. I added the dropping function.

          on the left I'm dragging the weapon to an empty space on the screen (though places where it could go get highlighted in red, like the Weapon slot in the Char screen). when I release the mouse the object is removed from the inventory and spawns back in the world
          Click image for larger version

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            today's update was an easy one: I added a custom 'gold' pickup (in the shape of carrots) that when picked up, add up to the character's gold amount
            Click image for larger version

Name:	invStarterKit03.jpg
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            as I go I'm updating the list of features in the original post btw


              Any chance of sharing the source as you go? This looks awesome and would love to see how you worked it.


                Nice job Chosker, inventory tuts are always useful and speed up the workflow a bit with these tuts.


                  JLyons: sorry, I'm only working on it a couple of hours per day. I can't be wasting time collecting the relevant files and uploading them, and it's specially a waste of time if I update it the next day. plus, it should be done in no more than 2 weeks anyway. just wait till it's done.

                  thanks for the comments

                  I'm still not sure how thoroughly I'll document it


                    Hey Chosker, it's very nice that you are doing this system, it will be very helpful. I like your system, looking forward to see it's done! Keep up the good work!


                      thanks dazvolt!

                      here's today's update.
                      I added the armor attachment system and made one armor piece for each slot (for which I had to change the character for the IronGuard, and threw in some quick meshes derived from the original IronGuard model).
                      in this screenshot I have the Helm, Bracers and Boots equipped. a Body Armor part is stored in the backpack, and the Cloak and Gloves are still there in the world.
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	invStarterKit04.jpg
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                      see the cloak waving with wind? the Cloak armor part uses udk's cloth which is automatically applied into both the world Pickup and the equipped Attachment (actually any of the armor parts supports this, it just copies the properties of the archetype, so the cloth properties must be set there first).

                      with this done, the core of the inventory system is now completed. as per the feature list, now it needs to be used into other characters and interface them via a loot window, and add some details here and there


                        This will be the definitive kit starter for an RPG game , this could perfecly fit in the UDN kit starters once done , would be so cool ^^



                          Look forward to download and test it!

                          Thanks for sharing this!


                            thanks guys you keep my spirits up
                            Hopefully this can be some sort of mainstream starter kit like UDN's, and make it easier for anyone wanting such an inventory system (my guess: not only a few!)

                            here's today's update: looting!
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	invStarterKit05.jpg
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                            you can loot other characters, for now without mattering if he's alive - but I'll make it a requirement for him to be dead (easily removable in case you might want to use it for pickpocketing, or for equipping friendly characters)
                            looting is fully featured and integrated with the rest of the inventory's features:
                            - looting something that the other guy has equipped will unequip it from him
                            - the above, but vice versa: dropping something into his equipment slots will equip it for him (as I said, equipping friendly characters made easy)
                            - you can equip a weapon or armor piece on yourself directly off the other guy's equipment (no need to save it into your backpack first)
                            - you can drop the other guy's items directly to the ground without having to pick them up for yourself first

                            the only thing missing from the looting functionality is the ability to loot the guy's gold


                              Wow matey, you're a saint. Thanks so so much for this, it will help fuel many people's dreams so they can keep them alive. Can't wait to download it.
                              Just one small request if you haven't done so already: maybe leave lots of comments in the code, I would very much like to learn, not only to copy paste

                              Also, good luck with Elium, I have been spying on your blog for some time now (must confess that seeing your game gave me hope that some day I'll be able to do the same )