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    I have a problem with rigid body transition, perhaps anybody can help me with that.


      Wow this is great stuff.
      Do you have a tutorial for the Bow and arrow code anywhere? I'm an artist with no scripting experience....I know, Yikes!


        Thanks, the problem for bow tutorial is that there aren't a unique script to share, there are a lot of code distribuied in severals scripts, in the weapon, pawn, controllers, ia, animtrees... so I don't know how to share it without sharing the entire project.


          Oh ok. So frustrating it is. *sniff


            I can post the arrow code, it's very simple and you can integrate it easily in your weapons. The bow are complicated because involves a lot of code in other scripts and animtree.


              Figthing with no weapons:


                Test menu to change graphics settings:

                There are some variable to globally modify the cull distances for each foliage entry in the foliage tool ?

                Here talks about "FoliageDrawRadiusMultiplier", but seems to be removed from current UDK version.

                And, something similar that affects to skeletal meshes Lods? Some multiplier to increase o decrease lod distances.


                  Cobalt, Sanctity Lost 2 Awaits you


                    Hey man,could you give us any information about how you made the bow?Thats some sweet work!


                      Ok, the bow is based on UDKweapon, a inventary object that you attach to a sockek in the hand. The arrow is based on actor, using a skeletalmesh.

                      The bow have a animtree to play animations, and a bool variable to tense (?) the bow. So when fire button is pressed, that var is set to true, the bow is tensed, and when the button is released, the bow shots.

                      This is the proccess:

                      - Start playing a animation to get the arrow from carcaj. In the animation there are a first notify wich calls to a function when the hand reaches the carcaj.

                      - In that function the arrow is spawned and attached to the hand socket. The animation continue playing.

                      - There are one second notify in the animation, when the hand reaches the bow, then the arrow is detached from hand, and attached to a socket in the bow.

                      - When the fire button is pressed, the variable commented below is set to true. The animtree shows the bow tensed.

                      - When te button is released, variable is set to false, and play an fire animation. The arrow is detacched from bow, and a velocity value is set in arrow, using getPlayerViewPoint(Location,Rotation) to get the correct orientation. That's all for the player and bow.

                      The arrow moves with the velocity you set before, and "touch" and "hitwall" events detects the collisions. Then use a "setbase" to attach to collision objetc. In the touch event, if the touched object is a pawn, tries to find the bone reached with "FindClosestBone(HitLocation)" before doint the setbase. Then calls victim takedamage, etc.

                      - The arrow goes a "sleep state", with a sleep of some seconds. Then the arrow is destroyed.

                      And thats all. Other things like camera attached to arrow depends to your camera system.

                      All the proccess are done with very basic functions.


                        A test with Forester trees:


                          This is a mission system with several objetives for each mission.

                          With this it's possible to achieve an a little more complex behavior of NPCs.

                          The system can take these steps:

                          - Go to a place.
                          - Talk with a NPC.
                          - Follow an NPC.
                          - Kill an NPC or a group of them.
                          - Trigger mechanisms.
                          - Pick up and give objects to others NPCs.
                          - Play Matinee sequences.
                          - Play dialogs between player and NPCs on the fly.

                          Works in conjunction with a pathnode system using splines.


                            This is just aweome...**** you are good


                              Pretty good work, keep it up.


                                WOW!!! The mission system is looking very good. I admire the AI and Dialog. I'm curious as to how you're managing the checkpoints behind the scenes.