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    Originally posted by CobaltUDK View Post
    Your game looks good. For grass you can use the runtime foliage script from Chris Lambert, in this forum. It's random, but for grass will work good. Before using the script, I was trying to fill with grass big areas of the landscape using the foliage tool and the framerate was near to 0...

    The worst is that the trees are random too, but I'm going to try a way to use a grid and a seed to have the trees always in the same position & rotation.

    Anyway, grouping the meshes in the 3D app before import them in UDK seems the only solution.
    Another tip ensure you have a 2nd UV channel on the grass meshes, I did some tests on 1 of my maps and found I got around an extra 5 FPS with the 2nd UV channel


      I will try, thanks. But I think that when using dynamic lights the 2nd UV are not necessary, but who knows...


        Also its easy to test, you can add in the 2nd channel through the static mesh editor.


          I did the test, but the result was the same. Placed manually (to avoid random) 2000 trees in front the player, then adding a second uv for the 4 LODs and exactly the same framerate and the same stats.

          Don't affect if the light is dynamic, as spected. You are using static light?


            Hmm ... tested with both and got better frame rates with the 2nd channel so can't really offer an explanation


              Perhaps because there are this in the mesh properties:


              but are needed for dynamic lights...


                Yes had them checked/unchecked from the meshes properties, I get the same performance either way but as said its better with a 2nd UV channel then without


                  It's a mystery then...


                    I'm working in new animations and armors for the base male character. For example this armor are done adapting it from the female version:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	malechar_01.jpg
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                      Here a video showing the armor and some new animations:

                      Many animations are from Mixamo, and the female model has the same animations too.


                        Stellar work as always CobaltUDK. Love the Volcano in the background as well, hadn't noticed that before or forgot about it...

                        I do miss the rustic charm of the earlier demos though. I especially miss how the ninja triplets looked before (lighter hair & more artsy clothes). Maybe everything was cruder, but it had personality, charm or something. Try not to lose that. While the latest clips have slicker fighting and more armor on a par with AAA studios, they also look more generic. Maybe too much Mixamo and not enough CobaltUDk... But hey its easy to play armchair critic.

                        With the forums closing and the move to new ones hardly going to be the same, just want to say I hope you release this game someday. Hope it ships exclusively en Espanol too (English subs). Because it adds to the mystique, more so than using generic British or American accents. Its been fun watching your work. Thanks for sharing & good luck


                          Thanks. But the volcano is a dummy, in that place there will be another thing...

                          Making the game is hardest than expected, it's very difficult to find people to work in the project for royalty and is too much work only for me. For that reason, Mixamo and others stores are a good thing.
                          I have plan to use english with subtitles in other languages, I think that is the best option if only have resources to do in one language.

                          I don't knew about the new forum, I will open a post there.


                            Here is the thread in the new forum:


                              I'm not sure about prefabs, It's better to do a test using them and look the drawcalls in the stats.

                              Do you have opened a thread for your game?
                              Not yet. I want to finish the first level, with gameplay, at least. I want something interesting to show at first hand, at least ^^ (nham, so much delaying for something stylized :P boo for me, nad for my work deadlines)

                              But, man, MAN, I was so much time without touching UDK forums and what you have here? A lot of work done! Really, how do you do the animations quickly? I'm struggling with some dozens of animations and stylized assets and it's taking ages. How are you working so fast? (and good)
                              The sword fighting is amazing, even with Mixamo's animation. Your code for weapons, damage and duck make the movement flowing naturally.

                              Talking about FaceFX, there is a not so automatic way. Doing animations outside UDK using Facial motion capture from blender ( and setting it up later in animtree or matinee. I didn't tried it in a complex character yet.


                                Mixamo have good animations, but I had to modify a lot to fit with my characters idle postures. The same with the walking animations, to have the foot in the exact position when touches the floor. In some cases that ruins the animations and I have to look for another.
                                And fast aninations, like attacks, are easy. Others like turn in place are more complicated, I have to fix them.

                                I will take a look to the facial mocap video.

                                Some screenshot from your game ?