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    I think it's a bot near the player, there are 8 walking around.


      Originally posted by CobaltUDK View Post
      I think it's a bot near the player, there are 8 walking around.
      No worries. Which video capture & sound system do you use as it seems very stable?


        Bandicam for video capture.

        This is a new day/nick cycle made with code:

        The old one using matinee was too slow because it updates the fog and all the lights components every tick (I don't know if there are some way to change that).

        Doing the cycle with code I have more control and the components are only updated when there are significative differences. So the normal cycle hasn't appreciable impact on the framerate.

        The system manage colors and others values from the Sun light, skylight, fill light, fog and wind force (for foliage).

        The rain system works in conjunction with the cycle, making changes on fog, sun light and wind force, at any time of day.

        I need to adjust better the colors and fog position, it's hardest to find the correct values compared with the old matinee system.

        I'm thinking about making the time run at normal rate or 6 times faster, so one day in the game would be 4 hours in real time.

        In the game you have to eat and sleep, so there will be a option to spend time while sleeping, like Skyrim style.


          Needs more variation, light in the morning and afternoon are totally different, " those colors will define your game look like " so work em out.


            Yes, I have changed some colors and lights, and probable I will need to modify more. There are a lot of parameters to combine and it's tedious to find the perfect values.

            Click image for larger version

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              1. Don't know if you've been following some of the other threads related to this.... Anyway, Matinee appears to exact a heavy toll for color and brightness, but less so with movement. Plus there are other factors and you could trade ideas with Coldscooter if you choose to stay with code. Alternatively:-

              2. Stick with Matinee but don't play the matinee continuously. Instead make small jumps in the matinee whenever the player isn't looking. Use your own tick to update the Matinee say every 10-20 secs etc. This would be especially easy with longer cycle times. Then use camera info to pick the best moment to update the sun or use an LOS Trigger.

              3. Obihb has worked out a system that adjusts color & brightness via PostProcess Vols, it blends well without the frame rate overhead...

              4. You've said the colors are wip, but you could start out with exaggerated colors and then dial them back i.e. deep orange in afternoon, deep red in evening, bright yellow in morning, hint of purple before nightfall, cold blue at dawn etc...


                Umm... rotating the light is fast, don't affect at framerate, is like rotate any actor.

                But the light component... that is the framerate killer. If you want to change the light brightness or color you need to modify the component and doing a component update.

                Matinee is interpolating the component values each tick, so the framerate is affected. I don't know if there are some way to run matinee every 10 or more ticks.

                I had plan to play the matinee every 10 seconds, but there are a very noticeable fall in the framerate when is called. Perhaps because the matinee needs to find the position in the secuence from the start.
                This can be a solution in a small map, with in a 100 km2 landscape full of foliage is a problem.

                In my system, the light rotates every tick, and the components are updated every minute, and only if the difference in each component is significative. For example, the light brightness difference, from 0.015 to 0.016 is not updated.

                Only in certain moments the framerate falls a bit, before and after the rain, when the fog are moving to the player, or the sun bright is falling before the rain, because it's needed to update components every few ticks.
                I'm happy with the result.

                About colors and other values, its more an artistical question, it's easy to configure in the editor, changing values for lights and fog, and then copy the values to the code. But I need to see some real examples before, I need references.


                  I think that you could start using the UDK preset light templates, backup, and from there freestyle from references : ).

                  Hey perhaps you want me to send you my PPC, that i think it's looking good enough.

                  It would look even better if you used the MLAA. But with the antialising, to 16 " i think it was" it was good enough .


                    Thanks, I have achieved some good results, only changing some values


                      This is a test using Apex cloth to animate hair:


                        It looks very good but somehow i was watching another thing in movement lol.Now seriously,is the breast jiggle animated by hand(max,maya,etc) or is it hapening in a natural way realtime when the player moves?I have wanted to do such a thing for a long time for a character.Please explain the process if you have the time.


                          Majic that's what it's called, soft bodies, it was introduced i think in 2009 around tehre ? it simulates like the physsics of a meat ball, in unreal tournment the plasma gun uses that physics.
                          Also cobalt if you are still developing this, wich i have no idea, have this PPC, it improves a lot the visuals of the game.

                          1- The scene looks less dusty.

                          2-The scence textures look way more defined.

                          3- The colors are much more darker but brighter wich makes it nicer

                          4- the bloom somehow looks better, ofc there is some saturation also.



                            Thanks Neongho.I knew about the soft bodyes but didnt realise it was that put to use(tryed them loong time ago).So you apply the soft body to a specific bones in the chest?


                              Thanks for the ppc, Neongho. Its very similar to one of the presets on my game, with high contrast and a bit of desaturation. Here you can see: at 0:50, in the tone maper settings, the one with vignete.

                              majic12, the "soft" bodies are using "rigid" bodies ... you can use the PhAT editor in UDK to set linear and angular physics to some bones. Is the same way to do a ragdoll, but you can set some bones to always run with physics ( bAlwaysFullAnimWeight = true ).


                              In the script, in the postbeginplay, for example, do this to initialize:

                              Mesh.PhysicsAssetInstance.SetFullAnimWeightBonesFi xed(FALSE, Mesh);

                              and in the defaultproperties, in the mesh object:


                              and set PhysicsAsset to the one you created on PhAT.


                                majic12, the "soft" bodies are using "rigid" bodies ...
                                Wow really? that is accomplishable from UDK ? unbelivable! and also good.