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Xing: The Land Beyond + Linux (petition)

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    Xing: The Land Beyond + Linux (petition)

    Hello. A while ago I started a petition to show interest from Linux gamers in the hope that the current game in progress XING: The Land Beyond may get a Linux version, something I understood is only possible if active help is gained from Epic Games.

    This is a link to the petition.

    XING: The Land Beyond is a project on Kickstarter (link here) that is now cruising towards success. It has already found adequate funding. The game itself is promising to be a great first-person puzzle adventure game, somewhat similar to the Myst games, with interesting gameplay, beautiful areas and interesting storytelling. There is only one little problem: it is built on the Unreal Engine 3, which means it won't get a native Linux port unless the development team receives Epic Games's blessing.

    I was not able to find any other way to notify the people from Epic Games about this, so I decided to post this here instead. Me and quite a few others would love to see this game released on Linux, and the development team doesn't seem to be unwilling either, but what is mostly needed at this point is Epic Games's support. I personally think it might be quite fruitful, especially as gaming on Linux is rapidly becoming a big thing, especially with Valve having broken the ice with their Steam client and some (and eventually all) of their games having Linux ports and Valve's plans witht he Steam Box game PC/console. If the Humble Bundles are anything to go by, Linux appears to be a very significant market already. Last time I checked the Steam usage, about 2% of the clients were running on Linux, which, while small, is still a significant percentage. Some games make millions. Imagine making 2% more. That 2% isn't exactly peanuts. The biggest reason why not many big titles have sold so well on Linux is simply that they were never released for it.

    So Epic Games, please help the team and make this Linux version a reality.

    Also, at the point of writing, pledging at the Kickstarter page hasn't closed yet, but will soon, for anyone interested.

    Thank you.