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    Pirate Sim MMO

    Hello Everyone, I've been working on a new game idea lately, Still no name yet, just a project name. Project pirates.

    Basic Game Idea.Project Pirates is an original MMORPG/Pirate Simulation game for the PC. The game will allow players to experience what it’s like to travel up the ranks of a sailing vessel to become a Veteran Pirate or Marine General depending on their style of play. Players who go for Pirating will be able to explore on land to find treasures, raid cities, commandeer ships, and other things they think a pirate would do. While players who choose to join the marines will defend against city raids, hunt pirates, and protect the governance of their country.

    As the title says it is also a simulation. Each individual player has a set of skills. From Cook, Marksman, Helmsman, Captain, etc. You cant be a pirate unless you have a crew. Without your crew you basically have nothing. Like in other MMO's each person of the clan/crew hep out. In this they are needed. Your ship cant go anywhere if you don't have a helmsmen. Where do you expect to go if you don't have a navigator? That's where your crew comes in.

    What We Need
    The game is currently under production right now. We have basically everything we need, except for one major detail, a Modeler who can model different classes of ships. From a Schooner to a galleon. We are currently working on the world, but have no one skilled enough to model a decent looking pirate ship. So that is why I came here. I'm looking for decent modelers who can model exterior and an interior of a ship. This won't just be an over head prospective. all game play will happen aboard the ship in a 3D environment. allowing the player to go to his/her section of the ship, or other places upon the ship. If you are interested in this project please reply or PM me. Even if you don't model but wish to join the team you are welcome to.

    ~SlowBullet (Director of Slow Productions)

    how is this a Work in Progress? this belongs to the Looking for Talent subforum

    also good luck making an MMO with UDK


      Sorry, really new to the forums wasn't really sure where it belonged. and technically it is a work in progress for we have started on it, we are just looking for help.


        well that would technically make any Help Wanted thread a Work In Progress wouldn't it?
        but unless you're actually showing some of that work it's not really a WIP thread

        just to be sure, you are using UDK right?