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    History Horizons

    Hi all. I’m here to show you my new idea: “History Horizons” (this is just an idea for the name; if you have other catchy names in mind please let me know). This is an open world Nautical RPG, where you choose your starting country and, as you advance through your nation’s storyline, you also advance through time, since the beginning of the Age of Exploration to the American War of Independence. Although, I don’t have experience in UDK (I only created some basic maps), so I guess I’ll be checking the forums many times and maybe I’ll get a team (anyway, making a game is actually fun and I there’s no need to hurry up, I just think that making a game is a good hobby, even if it’s never published). Why? Well, as I said, I have almost no experience and a naval game creates many barriers. And, most important, I would like to implement many new features on this game, most of them really hard to make (complex hunting system, more than 1 type of level, appearance changes as you change equipment, the ships themselves…) – although this will allow me to learn a lot more about UDK too. So, I guess I’m making a list of some of the features I’d like to implement in the game and respective problems (if there are any). By the way, as the map would be really big (but not empty), I think that this could be a great MMO, but that’s another story. I've already started working on the maps, and I'm not really looking for a team. I want this to be my personal project, but don't take me wrong: I want that all the UDK community to be my team (I'm serious, this will show up in the credits). I want to do this by myself to get more and more experience, I want so badly to work on this project, it may take years, but that's ok. So, here goes the list:

    1) Huge map > Well, I don’t think that making most of the maps wouldn’t be a problem for me, but there’s one thing that bugs me: making a detailed world map (the oceans, mostly). Maybe I could use an image of a world map as a texture and then edit the terrain, but feel free to leave me a tip in the comments, please.

    2) Hunting system > This one will be tough. First, I need to make all the animals and make them spawn only in certain places and drop different things (the variables should be: with which weapon you kill the animal, your hunting skill level, etc.). This is a really important part of the game, as it will give very important materials needed for crafting and it will also let you have some fun (by setting traps, just tracking down the beasts, shooting them down with a bow/musket…).

    3) Crafting system > Based on Skyrim – you need a forge to use your blacksmithing profession, you need a work table to use your woodworking profession, etc. I think you got it.

    4) Ships and ship combat > The design of the ships will be a true headache, so I’m trying to don’t add many ships, but they’re still around 50. And about ship combat, it should be realistic, mostly based on PotBS or Assassins Creed 3.

    5) Equipment changes appearance > This should give some trouble, but with some scripting help, I guess it should be fine.

    6) Lots of new equipments > Adding a whole new bunch of equipment will occupy lots of hours, since none of the weapons that come with UDK can be used, as you understand.

    Well, most of this ideas are based in games like Pirates of the Burning Seas, the Uncharted Waters series (mostly Uncharted Waters Online), Voyage Century and even Assassin’s Creed 3 (and the upcoming one, AC: Black Flag) and Skyrim (mostly the game play, the landscapes, the crafting system, the interface...).
    As you see, I dream high – but if I didn’t, this wouldn’t be nowhere as possible as this is at the moment.
    So, as you see, I really need the help of the UDK community. For that, feel free to contact me to:
    I hope you understand.
    Best regards,
    Luis Ferreira.

    PS: I might add some new points as I think more and more about the game.