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is there anyone who want to remake Resident Evil 3 on pc with UDK ??

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    is there anyone who want to remake Resident Evil 3 on pc with UDK ??

    please tell me if there's anyone ^^ and let's make a team and work on this game .. i'll take the environment section and levels :P

    I Mean RE3 with New Gen Graphics

    Well, there are few nuances. First, Capcom will be not pleased with it, second, it will be hard to make next-gen graphics anyway, third, classic RE3 gameplay is kinda outdated, but changing to TPS gameplay will ruin the atmosphere.


      Everyone always says this when making stuff from games or IP's that already exist but i wouldn't worry to much. I think in reality as long as you don't try to make money from it there's not really a great deal they can do, plenty of people make fan fiction or draw fan art. As long as it doesn't make them look bad or you do something like remake it but change some fundemental thing, I don't know, make Jill walk around with a massive ***** on her head or something.

      Why 3 though? Off all the main ones barring Resi 6 which we'll just pretend doesn't exist I'd say Nemesis was the worst one. Even more annoying I can see it on my shelf from where I'm sitting but I know the disk got lost at least 12 years ago

      It wasn't a bad game don't get me wrong, I kinda liked the whole ability to dodge they introduced but never saw again in subsequent Resi's but that fooking Nemesis turning up every 5 minutes got really annoying.

      Resi 2 is the king in my eyes

      but even after all that gibbering I've just done I should probably point out, its probably unfeasible to remake a game like this, you have to think it took however many people working full time for god knows how long to make it originally, people who were highly trained and knew what they were doing, and this was back in the 90's where it probably took half the time to make all the graphics and stuff than what it would do now (that last point might be a bit of a guess).

      Maybe set your sights on something a bit more achievable, maybe your own Resident Evil game, create the gameplay and a couple of levels, if you can get some prototype working then you'll attract the interest of other people who might be willing to join a team and help develop something.

      But at the same time, zombies........fecking fecking stupid fecking zombies. I don't know what the facination with them is all of a sudden. Fair enough when the original Resi's came out there wasn't alot of zombie games but now the market is oversaturated with them, especially indie games, you want to monitor the threads on here where people put up their game ideas, so many of them start off with 'I've come up with this really unique idea, it's a zombie survival horror game with permadeath on a big open world map blah blah etc etc'......jeez........and how many zombie games lately are actually even any good? Left for Dead and erm......hhmmm. Its just an excuse to not have to make any decent AI I reckon, make zombie, see player, run towards player, within distance attack........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Dead Island is cack and I swear half the people who bang on about Day Z havn't actually played it, great idea, worst engine ever, works about aswell as Arma 2 and its the same map from Arma 2. Maybe when it goes standalone it will work as intended and be decent but not in its current state.

      Lets not even go into War Z......


        thanks bro's .. ^^ then i'll think about new game in the same style :P ^^


          Originally posted by dovonob View Post
          I think in reality as long as you don't try to make money from it there's not really a great deal they can do
          I'm afraid that's not true. Plenty of fan projects get cease-and-decist orders all the time, you are legally obliged to follow them.
          Also the EULA of UDK specifically states that you are not allowed to infringe on the copyright of others, thus even Epic can give you a cease and decist order.

          Also copyright and trademark is legally binding no matter if it's "free" or a "fan" game or no matter how you label it.

          It's as simple as this; make your own stuff.

          By the way, this thread should rather be posted here: