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    Help Support Jeklynn Heights!

    Hey everyone,

    Since 2010, I have been working on a self funded indie title called Jeklynn Heights ( Many of you have probably seen some older threads about the project. Just after 2 years, we are still making great strives and are slowly transitioning into beta testing.

    With that said, we are hoping to reach out to the community and garner some additional support and funding through our IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign link is: As we spearhead the next phase of this game's journey, additional funding will be needed to help expand our team, generate new content, server costs, marketing, etc. We truly believe we have something innovative and unique in the works here - and would love for anyone who is interested to hop on board and help.

    On our website and IndieGoGo page you will find various screenshots and videos. If you like our style and the game's concept - we'd love if you'd consider donating. If anyone has any questions about the project, where your money goes to, or the rewards for donating - please PM me on this website and I'd be more than happy to respond to everyone.

    Thank you!

    Ryan Wenke

    We recently just launched a Steam greenlight concept page:

    All voting doesn't count towards putting the game on Steam, but it allows us to track insights/reactions from you guys and the steam community. If you are following the project and have a Steam account, head over to our page and follow the game. Also feel free to post comments/thread discussions! Cheers - Ryan