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Map for my First Game

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    Map for my First Game

    Hi Guys, I have a project to make prototype of a game.
    i have done my map.
    Please check my map and give me advice.

    Form Top.

    Perspective ( ignore the light )

    Inside. I think, I make mistake here. Its ok?

    this thread move to

    People aren't going to be able to give advice on a layout if they don't know what kind of gameplay your game has One thing I can see though is that you should be using subtractive brushes to make the rooms instead of hollow additive brushes. Also instead of making tons of additive brushes just make a single very large additive brush and use subtractive brushes to create your rooms from there.


      It would be easier to say if you made a video instead of those picture, and try to add some materials to the wals, because it is hard to see when everything have the same mat :P