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Dream of the Blood Moon

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    Dream of the Blood Moon

    Hey guys,

    I've been lurking here off and on for some time, and first of all I'd like to thank everyone who posts here for the helpful information that saved me a lot of headaches!

    Regarding the actual topic:
    I've been working on a game for the past weeks and have gotten to the point where I would call it finished.
    However, before I start trying to promote it, I'd like to ask here if someone wants to give me some feedback!

    Dream of the Blood Moon is a first person horror game initially inspired by Slender and the SCP series of games.
    The game was tested pretty extensively, but if you find any major show stoppers, let me know.

    This is my first full UDK project and I've worked on it pretty much completely alone, so I want to thank everyone here again
    because it probably wouldn't have been possible without this forum and the UDN as resources.
    If there are any things you think I can realistically improve on, please tell me!

    Download URL:

    Short video of gameplay:

    Some screenshots:

    Pretty well done little game. Haven't had time to fully play through, but it seems alright. Not really scary at all. I blame lack of audio and a (matinee?) based monster? Not so fast or attacking, I just move out of the way.


      Thanks for the feedback and for playing! I don't understand lack of audio, because the game has a lot of sounds, do they not work for you? Or do you just not like the "sound design" so to speak? And the ghost is actually AI based outside of one part of the level! It's supposed to keep its' distance at first but become more aggressive as time passes - worked pretty well in my tests and most of my testers found the game scary Do you play horror games often?


        I really like the fog effects, what kind of fog are you using here?


          yes like a female slender game, but more visually detailed.