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My new 3D RTS space game

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    My new 3D RTS space game

    Hi everybody!

    Im a java developper and Im currently developping my game "Yildiz-online".

    Just to give you an idea about Yildiz, it is a massively multiplayer strategy game(MMORTS). It's a combination of classical startegy game(like: Homeword or Starcraft) and management game(like: Ogame).

    The game takes place in outer space colonized by humans, a lost expedition found abandonned space bases built by unknown civilization. After some centuries they developped and colonized the entire system.

    The game is entirely in 3 dimensions. Goal is to develop and assure the management of its base,or if you wish, to create an army to attack other players to steal their resources.

    Yildiz combines two different styles of games. It offers an innovative experience and offers a community aspect which pushes the interactions between players to widely promote theirdevelopment and the different possible research offer a wide range of customizing the way you play.

    The project is developed in java for the API and the surface of the engine. The internal components are in C++.

    It can be played on windows and linux platform.

    The game is pretty well advanced. The engine works great and the different components are fully integrated as well.
    Now it is possible to gain resources and to build the base with some buildings.Also it is possible to create units and make them
    fight and attack a player to steal resources.

    I would like you please to give me your opinions or suggestions and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    If you want to see the screenshots or videos on how Yildiz-online works, feel free to check my fb page: Yildiz-online.

    Thank you in advance ^^

    MMORTS with UDK? oh wait this is not made with UDK! are you lost then?


      Whoops!! So I can't post projects which are made rather than UDK? Im new here so Im not sure.
      Can I post my topic in some other forum or should I leave it here


        well these are the Epic Games forums after all, and you're in the UDK section.

        forum rules say the following:
        [03] Keep discussions on topic! Please refrain from discussions not pertaining to our games or company. There are plenty of other places in the vast Internet to discuss your political or social views. This includes Unreal vs XYZ Game, Unreal vs XYZ Engine, Gears 1 vs Gears 2, Console vs Console or Console vs PC discussions. Topics related to illegal drug use are also not permitted.
        and your game definately doesn't pertain to Epic nor is it created using their engine. you're probably better off at or somewhere else

        and good luck on your game


          Sorry and thank you for notifying me