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SATURDAY TWELVE - Side-scrolling Brawler!

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    SATURDAY TWELVE - Side-scrolling Brawler!

    The famous 90's beat'em up genre is the main inspiration for SATURDAY TWELVE. Our idea is to bring all the action of a genuine side-scrolling 'beat'em up' (also known as brawler) combined with 3D graphics and the Unreal Engine resources.

    We are heavily inspired by blockbusters like Capcom's Final Fight™ or SEGA's Streets of Rage™ amongst other famous games that made our childhood really fun and worthy. Personally, I've spent tons of coins at arcade places when I was a kid and I have very good memories. That's what we want to give to people: that nostalgic feeling of playing a classic. At the same time we want to offer something new, and the most important: show that the classic side-scrolling beat'em up has it's place in the 21st century and is far away from being a dead or outdated genre.

    The game will feature a very interesting melee combat system, with fast and simple controls and a random combo system. So even if you press the same buttons for a combo, the moves will be always different. The classic special attacks are also included and they will be useful once you see yourself surrounded by large groups of enemies that has no other goal than seeing you in pieces. A great variety of weapons like knives, baseball bats, pipes, katanas and even throwable objects like tires, barrels and grenades (!) will also be available to spice things up.

    You'll be able to choose between 3 main characters (each character with different moves, strenghts and weaknesses) and then, you will start your journey trying to cross a city infested with hundreds of criminals, street gangs, evil cops and professional killers hired specially to hunt you. Ah. And the infamous bosses at the end of the levels, of course.

    Classic movies such as Warriors are also an inspiration. We thought about aliens, mutants and zombies, but in the end, street gangs are a kind of copyright in this genre and also very fun, since we can make enemies with a lot of personality. Furthermore, this will reinforce our intention to pay tribute to the several beat'em up games that came before Saturday Twelve.


    We are planning to make 3 playable characters by now, but that number may increase depending on how the project goes. We can also make 3 playable characters and unlockable characters.

    So far we have 2 characters planned: Roxy (a female street punk and former member of the gang you are supposed to fight against in this game) and Tyrone (a retired cop).

    - Roxy is the fastest of the playable ones, but also the weakest. She knows muay thai and is a specialist when it comes to inflict pain on others.
    - Tyrone is a 40-50 years old retired cop and runs a boxing gym. He's the strongest but also the slower.
    - The third character should be balanced between speed and strenght.

    As said above, they'll have a great variety of moves, a random combo system and other moves like flying kicks, sprint attacks, spin attacks etc. We are also considering a counter attack system, where your char would block the enemy's attack and imediatelly counter attack, leaving him vulnerable to combos.

    We are also planning a kind of 'damage' system, where your char would look more and more 'messy' as the game goes on and you lose lives. After losing a couple of lives you'd notice your char bleeding with a black eye and broken nose. Also their stances and the way they walk would change.

    Below, some images of Roxy, one of the playable chars:

    Damage system:


    We will make several different classes for the enemies, with different AIs for each one of them. From your everyday streetgang thug that will use nothing but his hands and feet to hurt you, to skilled enemies that can block your attacks and use weapons. Their health and looks will be also different.

    Every class will feature a random color system. So even if they look the same, their clothes will be different from each other and you'll rarely see two of them alike. Their names will also be randomly generated. The only exception here are the bosses. They'll always have the same looks, colors and names.

    To increase the immersion, all of the chars (playable and AI controlled) will talk. They'll talk to each other, curse each other during the fights and even compliment the player or praise themselves for a nice combo or attack they performed. If they're hurt they might complain about it too.

    Below, images of some enemies:


    The game will feature an Arcade Mode, that will work like any brawler game. While playing the Arcade Mode, you'll be able to collect money from enemies you defeat to buy food and increase your health, buy extra moves or update the moves you already have, and even buy extra lives and continues; after you finish your game, the spare money can be used in a Shop. This Shop will feature tons of things: from new costumes to extra characters. Other modes will be a Boss Mode and Survival Mode (both needs to be unlocked).


    We've been working on Saturday Twelve for almost a year, but there's still much to be done. We have a playable game by now, enemies with average AI and a working system for the HUD (similar to the brawler games, displaying the enemy's health).
    We have Roxy modeled, rigged and we are starting her animations. As for the enemies, so far we have two different enemies of the same class, and we are working on a 3rd one. We also have 6 levels pretty much done (out of the 21 levels we are planning to make).
    Most of this time we had only 2 people working on the project (one making the scripts and 3D models, and the other working on the level designs, textures, kismet and the art related to the game). We also have very nice people aiding us with the ambient sounds (Thx a LOT NexPhase!) and other things. We also hired professionals for some tasks, like songs and voice acting. A while ago an animator joined our team and also a friend is backing us up with game content ideas and plots.

    Some extra images featuring some gameplay:

    Gameplay video. We are still working on everything so this video is just to give you guys an idea. As we include more significant content, we will post more videos.

    I made a thread a long time ago showing the 1st street level, but I thought it would be cool to start a new one and tell you guys about the game as a whole. We are rly interested in the UDK community's opinion. Any feedback will be appreciated!

    If you like this project, don't forget to visit us at, and add us on Facebook. =)

    Just to finish, some extra images with a preview of the other levels (most of them are WIP, so they can look different in the final version):


      Thumbnails look nice, can we see full sized images?


        Originally posted by Max Power View Post
        Thumbnails look nice, can we see full sized images?
        Sorry about that. I edited the previous posts and added full sized images for the gameplay and levels images.


          badass I want that!


            Looks awesome! Blazing AVA, HQ textures, character design, fighting combat, and gameplay will sure very well. This project reminds me of a number of cult retro movies a lot. *tic!*


              The game looks nice. I like Roxy (though fighting on heels must be hard) and the visualized damage system.
              Any chance for a video to check the animations?


                Nice work Bauriema, keep it going!


                  Originally posted by merc-ai View Post
                  The game looks nice. I like Roxy (though fighting on heels must be hard) and the visualized damage system.
                  Any chance for a video to check the animations?
                  Hey Merc. I'm posting a video asap with the gameplay and some animations, but so far we only have a few of them (like walking, fight stance and a couple of moves such as jabs, etc.). I'll upload the video tomorrow.

                  About fighting on heels, well... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do right? =)


                    More screenshots showing the Arcade and the Extra Content menu. In this menu you will be able to see the Credits, the Trophies you've earned (3D Models of all the characters that you gotta find and collect through the stages. At the Arcade, for example, you can see a Roxy trophy on the table). Plus you have unlockable content like character profiles, cutscenes, and the possibility to view some of the game art and listen to the songs. Tell me what you guys think! =)


                      Video added in the description. Plz tell me what you guys think! =)


                        Hi Bauriema, You (and your team i assume) have done such a good work that it feels as through you've snatched my own dreams from me and brought it to life. Yes, i too am working on a side scrolling brawler. Though i'm doing it all by myself whenever i have some time to myself from work and family. I think that you've come quite far. If i do have any advice from watching the video, there are some flaws to point out, i only assume that you already are aware of them, since the vid is only a prototype. One thing is the hero character's sound response whenever she executes an attack. The "whack!" sound effect of her hitting her enemies if fine and is expected since the nature of the game deals with fighting from start to finish and also is a compliment to the registration of a hit along with the appropriate animation, so the user/player knows the functions have been executed. Though followed by the sound of her voice, as a quick "Ha!" yell with every hit, can quickly become over used. I would suggest to use it every 4 or 5 times she hits her enemies or use different expressive sounds randomly. I do feel like an idiot now, speaking as though i've been making many a games, and having barely done much coding. I do know that you are probably aware of such things and many others like wise, and that you and your team are working on fine tuning it until it can actually be invested in by a larger company and published as a mainstream game, something like castle crashers. I guess all i can say for now is that you've done an excellent job, and the level design is so brilliant it makes me feel like i'm in New york again.
                        I would like to ask you if you are able to, to show me and others like me, tutorials you've used or documentation from UDN that helped you in achieving this level of game design. Though as busy as you are, its alright if you aren't able to. We would still like to see how far your work will go.

                        Also, Why did you name the game "Saturday Twelve"?


                          Hi thewildnative! Thank you for your feedback. We rly appreciate it!

                          Our idea was exactly to collect suggestions and opinions from the UDK community based on what we have so far, so even if we are aware of some of those flaws, it's important to hear it from other ppl. The sound is not a priority right now (since there's an insane amount of coding and animations to be done yet and our team is basically 3 hardworking guys doing a little bit of everything to make it happen) but it's an important part of the game. I rly liked your idea of using her fighting voices randomly and not so often.

                          About the tutorials, we are planning to make some, specially bc we didn't find much of it explaining some things that would help anyone interested in making a brawler using UDK. Some specific things we had to figure out by ourselves and we think it would be good to share it with the community. As soon as we have time we will start to record.

                          Saturday Twelve is supposed to be a name given to the day where all the events of this game will happen. It's like a code to describe that day, such as 'nine-eleven', or 'Day D'.

                          Once again, thx for your feedback!


                            We have a page at now. Drop by to visit us!



                              Hi Bauriema, sorry for the late reply. The weekend was kinda crazy with the Tsunami warning and all. One question i wanted to ask you was if you were really located in Brazil? The English with which you write seems quite precise, as though you are American.
                              Wanted to thank you for reply. Yeah, no kidding about the insane amount of animation and coding needed to design the game so that it works naturally, and you only have 3 in your team. I thought that you were a team of 7 or more. yeah that's crazy. Not sure how I'm gonna develop my game ideas.
                              If i were to work in the the gaming industry professionally, i would love to be an animator, bringing in the hybrid of traditional fantasized game animations, combined with some real-life natural movements. It's hard to explain, but simply to make a game move as real as life itself, it wouldn't suit a 2.5D brawler style. True-life animations i think are meant for more 3rd person type gameplay. Right now i'm teaching myself how to use Maya. It's taking a while since i've never taken classes, and only watched a few online tutorials. So i'm still way behind in properly knowing how to navigate and use both Maya and UDK. I have a long way to go.

                              I wanted to ask you if you've played Die Hard Arcade by Sega. It's the only game that i've played and know of (as of yet) that uses 3D graphics in the brawler game-type. You can tell this by the way the characters only face left or right and walk sideways to move farther and nearer to the camera. The only other time's i've played brawlers were Street Gangs (AKA River City Ransom), BattleToads, Double Dragon and Castle Crashers. From your link to indieDB, your game description mentions Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Never played, I've seen videos and am aware of the similar nature. Like you, amazed that there aren't tutorials or starter kit gems for UDK in creating this game-type. I think they just categorized it as a side-scroller. Which is what i've been trying to work with. Though in any case. I hope that you and your team will have time create a few tutorials concerning the custom brawler you are working on. I feel inadequate to ask you if you need help in any way, but i do. I would like to help you and get involved, even though i do have a regular day job and my schedule is randomized most of the time. But if there is anything i can help you with, it would be my pleasure. As for my self-study, I'm learning about Combos by Garner, and MatthewTardiff's animation.

                              With all these resources, hopefully i can bring my game to a simple prototype in a shorter period of time.