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SATURDAY TWELVE - Side-scrolling Brawler!

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    Nice hearing from you again, thewildnative!
    Yes, we are from Brazil lol. I never played Die Hard Arcade (don't know if the other guys from our team did) and I had to watch some videos on Youtube. As you said it's similar to what we're doing, although they seem to have more cutscenes and camera variation. We are really going for something that looks more like the good n old arcades, that's why Final Fight and Streets of Rage are our main inspiration. =)



      We've been working hard to put a menu together. So far we have the main menu and now we are working on the options menu. We've posted a video showing a little bit of it.Of course it's a work in progress and still needs to be polished, but we want to hear your opinions about it! The background music is also provisional.

      We also have some new animations for Roxy! The spin attack, the jump and the flying kick. We are going to post a video showing these new animations later this week.

      Link for the video:

      If you like this project, don't forget to visit us at, and add us on Facebook. =)


        There is certainly "Rage" on those "Streets".


          Snufkin, yeah... we better get ready for the "Final Fight"



            Short video showing 2 players gameplay! We had to reajust the camera to work with both players and also change the enemies AI to recognize both players as a target (they were only attacking player 1 in our first attempts, making Player 2 life to easy :P). WiP.



              really reminds of streets of rage! Great job!