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    vehicle WIP

    Well following along with geodav's vids, and a bit of tegleg's stuff, I got this vehicle into game at least.

    Modeled in blender 2.63 (r50707)
    textures - blender, sculptris, assembled in Gimp 2.8

    ToDo list (there is more but later..)

    grrr... figure out what is wrong with morph export/import.

    ? death mesh not spawning.

    ? figure out skel control to get Yoke to steer with wheels

    ? link character hands to yoke grips (bones are there).

    ? figure out the console properties tuning method. ~| editactor class=svehicle |

    Very nice; just a plain old-school vehicle with red shiny props, speed and fireblast. No destroyable vehicle parts at least.


      death mesh not spawning
      create a socket on the mesh, for UTVehicles i think its called 'VH_Death', check the scorpion to make sure.


        Ah, so, a custom name for that socket is not a good idea? Maybe I should search for VH_Death to see if I can change it to VH_SimpCar_Death. Or just kill and rename (recreate) the socket (this didn't work). Ok some more searching to see if there is some code I have to paste the socket name into, I found one spot in the content:
        hmm, maybe there is a specific game type to spawn these, or I need to adjust something in the animtree. Err, well, I am going to test some games (goof off) for a couple days so later...

        To get it faster, I had to change both:

        One thing, maybe I should ask in your thread tegleg, the engine sound of course, now sucks.
        EngineRPMCurve=(blah blah )
        I am guessing there's something in that to adjust, if you know off hand that would be great - even better if you told me.

        @Private Tux
        Destroyable vehicle parts .. gibs.. ya, that's on my list, do not be so dissapointed. Well it's on the 'advanced' ToDo. Pretty sure it would involve a remake of the skeleton, so it can wait till I want to try and add bones for the ankle IK's to go to. I started planning a new diffuse involving blender projection method but Gimp decided to act up. So like a few things it can wait.

        Steering wheel (well it is a yoke) matching wheels turning was easily found on UDN docs... one down...


          try this one

          death mesh

          same works for the gibs check the scorpian animtree wheels


            bOnDamageActive - on
            bOnDeathActive - on

            I killed the socket, then rebuilt it with the name VH_Death

            where I found VH_Death:
            TurretSocketName=VH_Death (in UTVehicle.uc)
            BigExplosionSocket=VH_Death (in the vehicle content)

            Nothing jumps out and says 'fix me'.

            In anim tree..
            skel con troll properties
            Death percent to Actually Spawn -> 1 changed to 100

            - killed skel control, added new UT Skel Control Damage with above, and of course pasted in the static mesh.

            ah.. now it works.. need to make the thing last longer...

            in UTVehicle_SimpCar
            simulated function PlaySelfDestruct()
            DeadVehicleLifeSpan = BurnOutTime + 0.01; // changed to 100.01 line 814

            hmm, better, make it longer...
            1000 - hmm
            10000 - hmm again. Seems it will only last so long ... Possibly something about game type ( currently just a clone of death match) which limits life time of spawned stuff.

            Got the urge to move on to a walker though.