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    Hey snipe, thank you for your critics morale up hehe! , simple looks to be good in game making ?.

    This is the setup for the bow and animations i used.

    If you want i can share the UPK with the anim tree of the bow plus the bow, im sure that the guy who made it won't matter much. and well the code ?

    The basic setup it's 2 bones, 1 for root another for string. it uses " bone rot and loc " reading on the anim set, " an animation can be just rot or also loc of a bone. and morph targets for the deformation.

    This orthodox, tutorial from i don't know who, it's an awsome tutorial to learn blender skinnery, but having so many bones ain't really that necessary !

    The Animtree of it uses, a / _UTAnimNodeFramePlayer wich is a some node, in wich you can control dynamically
    The thing is that you can control at wich place of an anim you want it to be at, and it even blends ! i think... well if it does not i can't even feel any fast bone rotation.
    In ones mind first thing that comes is that a blendNode can work, but i suggest use of an animation, and control in wich time of it, it is to control string.

    **** i shall have explained this on the video, but.... " that's very irrelevant to the player ". : P but well this is a developers forums.

    This link also helps to the making of the bow projectiles firing.


      Yep, can't argue with simple it works with many games.

      My weapons and hands are connected so for me a bow and hands would be a single unit. I didn't think of morph targets in that way before, which is pretty ingenious on your part. AnimNodeFramePlayer(UDN:This animation node is a helper animation node which allows you to set the animation position as a percentage, from 0.f to 1.f.) I don't understand what that means in relation to using an anim even with the help of your explanation. But as usual a seemingly small innovation that will be exceptionally important.

      What always annoyed me about bows/xbows was running out of arrows but there is still a bolt/arrow loaded - annoyed me because of my lack of the skill to fix it. I'm working on that for an RPG weapon. I noticed that in Gaz' xbow and other UT games. Thanks for the offer of upk to help me out