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    That's true but my problem is I'm working from 5 in the morning and getting home around now (6pm) I wanted to post with that clip and thought I would also add the PP images to show some content.

    Don't worry jak, your critique is posted above my monitor, I'm not going to ignore the good advice you gave me, it's just finding the time.


      I remember my mod days, I can relate. The awesome memories from back when I used to stay up till 4am everyday modding FarCry- those were fun times.

      Sux to not be able to find time anymore to work on large personal projects and mods; trust me I can relate to what you're saying more than you know.

      Keep at it!


        Yeah that used to be me, spending every waking moment on creating my next project, luckily my boss said I could have the day off when I told him I was falling behind with my work and really needed to get stuff together.

        Today I wanted to tackled quite a few things, So I looked at my to-do list and I started off with the walls, at the moment their still BSP with static meshes so I opened up 3DS Max and started working on a few models.

        Here's the start of my work on replacing the walls, this is a basic modular piece that will be plain, I'll also create a few more for missing bricks or wiring


        Here it is in the editor.

        I also started working on some trash pieces such as cans and bottles, I took reference from the following images.

        Here's my attempt in 3DS Max, I added my existing newspaper model and I'll tweak it further to get rid of that clean and smooth look.

        I'll post more later but I'm glad I can make a good start on this today.


          Nice dude; that's going to take your work to the next level.

          You know what would take it even further? Take those brick walls into ZBrush and sculpt the sh** out of them!

          Good work, you're on the right track.


            I wouldn't create meshes for the papers. Decal Material is the best choice which saves us a lot of performance. Keep going dude!