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Looking for Modders to help support a revival

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    Looking for Modders to help support a revival

    I do not know how many Dev's here remember the Homeworld series of games that were popular in 1999 to 2003.

    There is a general sense from the HomeWorld Community for HW3 to be born. But most are unfamiliar with the UDK engine. The question I have for the modders and Dev's here is if enough support can be secured to develop HW3 using the UDK Engine would Modders and Dev's here be interested in developing a new version of the classic with a playability factor involved that would make most cry as well as getting that gamer hottie to your house to watch you game.

    The real question I have about UDK is this:

    The new HW3 version would most likely involve two environments a space based RTS and a planetary based RTS.

    Is UDK able to build both environments where in the space environment a planet would be clickable that would then transport the player from the space based enviroment to the planetary environment and then back again clicking another button in the planetary environment?

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