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UDK at the University of Hertfordshire BA & MA Games Art course,

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    Wow game courses in the UK are starting to shape up real good aren't they?


      Originally posted by CHADALAK1 View Post
      That is very impressive!!! sooo much material linking and calculations!! just out of curiousity, does Uni of Hertfordshire cover over Unreal Script as well?? I've been working on perfecting UScript for quite some time now as well as C++ and Lua for CryEngine as well. I live in the US currently doing Video Game Design as well, but would love to further extend my degree to a masters(bachelors at minimum).
      Hello, we teach Mel, Python but the we need to push more on the Unreal Script and C++, we are about to get a new member of staff for Games Art so there will be two of us and some visiting lecturer allowance so we can start pushing script side of things. One the whole though I would say we are a much more arts based course.

      As for further study MA Animation or an MA in Research or a PhD then email and we will welcome you with open arms


        Hello everyone

        Here is our 3D modelling showreel


          Here is our new real time showreel (apart from the helicopter shots) for our BA Games Art course, most of the work is from 2011-12.



            We just thought we would load up a high resolution image from 3D World mentioning that the University of Hertfordshire is one of the best places to learn Animation in the world. It was a very nice surprise for us to be pitched next to such great schools.

            Best Wishes,
            The Animation Team


              New showreel for 2012


                NEWS - Frank Victoria joined the UHAnimation team this week
                after 12 years at Weta

                Lord of the Rings, King Kong, The Hobbit and lots of other cool stuff


                  AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhH! King Kong, my favorite movie of all time. That's really cool. I wish I could have met him. I will take any way to get near Peter Jackson and pick his brain. Frank Victoria is an awesome addition.


                    Arnold Showreel January 2013

                    We teach this new render for Maya and we have a render engine running on a 200 PC render farm, soon expanding to 800, boom!



                      Absolutely fantastic looking projects !!!


                        Thank you Stevelois

                        UHAnimation degrees get fully Skillset approved!
                        Welcome to Creative Skillset - Skillset

                        The University Of Hertfordshire has received full Skillset accreditation.

                        University Of Hertfordshire Ba(Hons) 3D Animation
                        University Of Hertfordshire Ba(Hons) 2D Animation
                        University Of Hertfordshire Ba(Hons) Games Art

                        To say that we are proud of this achievement is an understatement. To gain such a high recognition for all of our programmes is down to the hard work and dedication of the Staff, the enthusiasm and quality of our Students, and the support of our amazing Alumni.

                        Its worth mentioning the the Ba(Hons) Visual Effects was mentioned that if they were accrediting these types of courses yet, it would pass without a doubt and we are working with them to set it up for the future.


                          This is a nice real time UDK SSS shader.

                          Much the same set up as UDN basically but added tessellation and displacement.

                          Here is the network:


                            Come to the UHAnimation Exposé 2013 | Festival, Exhibition & Celebration 5/6/13
                            Talks from Framestore - Iron Man 3 VFX, Crytek - Next Gen Gamining, Arnold Rendering and more

                            Book here if you would like to come -


                              Heads up


                                All of this work is incredible - really inspiring! =O I live in the UK and am entering college soon... just waiting for my GCSE results, lol, yeh, scary! =P I always dream about doing stuff like this, and going to a University that actually trains me up, rather than me having to pretty much teach myself everything. I'd love to do it but, I guess people just think I should be doing Physics or something in University. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop me from doing it in my own time, so keep up the good work! Hopefully one day, i'll be able to create stuff as cool and professional as this! =D