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Head Tracking with YEI 3-Space Sensor in UDK

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    I am working on something similar in Unity using the Polhemus G4 motion tracker( It uses a sensor and magnetic field to track objects. I attach the sensor to my chest and map the readings to an Actor in Unity.

    When I attach the sensor to my chest, it is in 90 degree rotation in elevation. To give it a reading of (0,0,0) on which the actor stand straight, I applied Boresight(Tared) available in Polhemus API.

    Now when I turn right or left my actor move the same but it starts leaning forward. In that case my actor starts tilting(leaning) forward. I tried both Euler and Quaternions(to avoid Gimbal) but nothing helped. This one issue running me in madness.

    Any suggestion will be a great help.

    - Hitesh


      The local axis of the sensor is not orthogonal to the ground so an offset with respect to gravity will also need to be applied.

      Also mini update on the UDK developments, Since this thread was created YEI has started a new full body motion capture called PrioVR. Our kickstarter was successful and I plan on creating a few small demos and plugins for Unreal Engine 4. Unless anyone still has interest in UDK i will likely not update this and focus my efforts on UE4.

      More info about the new system and updates can be found here:


        I didn't get how exactly I can apply the offset to the sensor readings. I have seen your unreal script where you have used methods like tss_getUntaredTwoVectorInSensorFrame(). Is this something what you are talking about? This is a dll imported function and I couldn't find it's definition.
        I am novice to the motion tracking. Can you please elaborate a little bit more on this.