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Foundation of something big!

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    Foundation of something big!

    Hey everyone!
    Now before I get into this post I'd like to point out that what I've got so far isn't 'amazing' or isn't much but it's a start, and a start I'm very happy with! so I'm sorry if this shouldn't be a post yet.

    To start off I'll show you what I've got so far:

    I have used the UDK on and off for a while now trying out different things each time.. Each time I come back to it, everything seems a lot fresher or cleaner in my head. I understand it a little differently now and it's slowly starting to make sense!

    From the title I said the start of something big, and that's what I want it to be. I'm doing this independently, as a hobby whenever I have some free time. I'd like to turn what I've got right now into a fair sized RPG, similar to the titles Oblivion and Skyrim. Now when I was typing this I re-read 'independently' and 'similar to these titles' and knew it couldn't possibly turn out like that...but it's my goal to keep me motivated.

    Next up I'm planning to get a small inventory system running and a nice UI to match, also maybe even a bot to interact with.
    I'm very open to suggestions and ideas as they are a good way to monitor how you're travelling.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, it is a bit lengthy! -Fallen

    Nice first dev...()...and great stance of blurry camera/third person view effect. Keep it closer.


      A thousand miles journey starts with a small step.
      As long as you stay motivated, you can do it. Good luck with your project! =)


        I've got a small side project to work on as well. That means if I get too frustrated with this I can simply put it away and work on something else, school work ( cough cough )..
        I have one question though, am I 'allowed' to keep posting in this to keep it updated? Or is that sort of thing frowned upon or annoying?


          You already have a good start,keep on,and you will get a perfect end.Cheers!


            Thankyou for your kind words

            ( Quick demonstration of my stamina system for those who are interested )

            I've just spent the last day and a bit building an inventory for the player. I started by 'reverse engineering' the UT inventory system and I slowly started to see where it all tied together. I built a temporary weapon and the system allows me to: Add that weapon to my inventory, load and access the weapon, switch between other inventory items and finally, attach the weapon to the player. You should've seen the smile when I got the weapon's mesh to attach

            I've looked around on these forums and found that a few people requested a tutorial or some help with creating their own, I'd like to offer this once I've completed, refined and polished my own system. I'll post up a video soon of it in action!