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    Dude that looks amazing. Haven't checked the vids yet *workstation is hating me atm lol* but the idea and last screenshot is awesome. I am actually working on a fighter and more then likely moving back to UDK since Unity3D is just not working...and funny thing was one of my artists made a joke about adding Slenderman to the roster as a possible char lol. Been seeing a lot about Slenderman lately which is really cool to read up on. Best of luck with your project man.


      Thank you

      So here is some stuff I'm looking for help for:
      3D Modeling - Organic
      3D Modeling - Environment
      Icon Design, and a logo (preferably Vector)
      What would be nice, but not exactly detrimental, is a custom Steam grid image

      Also, if anyone is up for it, this game is also my senior project. I need a mentor for it. Specifically, 3D design, preferably environmental.

      Basically, the mentor needs to have 5 years of experience, and be over age 25 (not my requirement, the schools. I know it's a stupid requirement, but I can't change it). You also have to be able to respond to me and the senior project coordinator by either e-mail, or phone.

      If you're up to it, just PM me and I'll let you know how to register as a volunteer. Thank you!