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[WIP] Project: Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox

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    [WIP] Project: Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox

    Hello everybody how are all of you doing well I hope? I’m Steven Barrion the lead artist of Dark Phantom Studio, and it’s been a while since I post on the progress of project on Because of a lot of difficulties with the team and the project at the beginning of the year I had to start over on most of the project, and in five months we have been really productive in the creation of our prototype for, “Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox.” I truly want to thank my team members for working hard and showing so much dedication to this in these few months this year because they really pushed hard on their tasks, and it really turning out good.

    Since we have restarted the project I wanted to start a new thread as well to show off game-play, kismet, our custom programming, and level design progress as well instead of focusing too much on our art work of creations or environment we haven’t created yet in the game.

    Project name:
    Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox

    Brief description:
    "Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox," is a UT3 total conversion mod that tells of Armageddon from the New Testament Revelations brought by the Egyptian god deity of Chaos and Storms Seth. This mod will merge both Egyptian and biblical testaments into a story driving third person shooter that will fulfill the player's knowledge as well as intense action in the mythological world of the Egyptian gods.

    You play as Jericho Fox a French archeologist and well known theft to most, who is cursed with immortality by the god deity of the Sky Horus for bringing the world's end by releasing Seth from the Urns of Ra in London, England on January 1, 1912. Now Jericho has become the weapon of Horus, and with the aid of the warriors of the Heru Temple known as the, "Wadjet of Ra," He will have to continue the war that split Egypt into two nations since the beginning of the 1st dynasty. Jericho must collect pieces of the urn of Isis (Urns of Ra), which is the sister urn of Osiris, that is scattered throughout the world before Seth merges the three dimensions of Heaven, Earth, and Hell to bring the Apocalypse to fruition. His cursed path for redemption is the world's only chance for salvation.

    Prototype: Nigel’s Corporation Building (The Awaking)

    Game Level Setup
    Nigel’s Corporation Building is the first level of Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox, taking place in 1912 London. Jericho Fox (the player) has arrived to Nigel’s office on the 20th floor to give the urn of Osiris and the urn of Horus, which he has stolen from the temple of Horus to his employer Nigel Waitfeild. After Jericho and Nigel has made an agreement for the jewel to be his payment instead of money, Nigel accidently reads the magical incantation on the back of the urn of Osiris and releases Seth Egyptian god of Chaos from his eternal prison. Jericho must now escape the building before Seth’s essence consumes the entire building, the people inside, and him along with it.

    Primary Player Focus
    The primary focus of the first playable is for the player to escape the building while evading dangerous obstacles, and avoiding Seth’s essence, which is consuming the entire building and everyone inside. The player must go through six floors (10th Floor to the 5th Floor) and adapt to the changing environment that is occurring on each floor. The player will have no weapons, accessories, or health packs to aid them. They only have Jericho Fox’s caution and paranoia to give hints and directions to progress through each floor.

    We have our prototype up and running, but there are still a lot of problems that we are working on, which are fixing bugs, updating the player’s animations, polishing the game play, and minor tweaks to the level design. I have three videos that I’ve embedded which will be our Walk-through of the beginning of the game, a developer diary created by our lead designer Paul Davis, and our teaser trailer for the prototype.

    Walk-through 10th Floor to 8th Floor (Work In Progress)
    Here is our work in progress of our walk-through of the 10th floor to the 8th Floor showing the lighting, animations, environment, and the game-play as well.

    Developers Diary # 1: Fire Damage & Camera Zoom
    This is our first developer diary created and narrated by our lead designer Paul Davis, which is going over the fire damage and camera zoom function

    Revelations Teaser

    All of us would really appreciate your feedback either comments or critics we all will appreciate your interest. We really appreciate everyone coming and checking out our progress for our game thank you very much.

    I can't help but draw comparisons between you guys and Dark Arts, the creators of "Revelations 2012". Do you have anything in common?


      no we don't , but our game focuses on the end of the world mixing Egyptian Mythology and some biblical aspects from the new testaments of Revelations.


        Slow that ******* down, he appears to be on some drugs, his idle animation freaks me out and the speed in which he is able to travel down that hallway is scary. Also that tribal healthbar or whatever near the pendant is too far down and obscuring the view.


          His idle animation shows how paranoid he is because of the situation he is in, any person who is in a building being consume won't have a stiff run so his animations shows it, and he runs at the same speed as the udk default player but I will keep your comment in consideration about the health bar and the speed. I do appreciate your comment


            Main Menu Button Walk-Through

            I do appreciate the comments and critics on our project since I’ve started this thread you’ve been helpful in our progress, and I’m ready to show you guys more of our W.I.P. From the last update of that level walk-through we have made a lot of changes to the level, textures, audio and the player’s animations, which you will see in future updates. We also have updated Jericho to be able to talk, so if the player doesn’t want to read Jericho’s hints they are at least able to listen to what he has to say. Our voice actor for Jericho is no other then Laurent (Digital Painter/ Management) who is fluent in French as well as English. Scott (Sound Designer) has also updated Jericho’s footsteps with more sound effects, and Paul (Lead Level Designer) was able to have the game randomly utilize the new sounds so his steps never sound the same depending on where he is in the level.
            This update I will be showing Paul’s progress of our Main Menu, and I’m also uploading Kelvin’s (Weapon’s Modeler/Animator) Modeling, Texturing, and Animating skills on creating Seth’s Essence final form, which is Seth chasing the player down the hallway.

            Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox Main Menu Button Walk-Through

            -Created by Paul
            In this video you will see Paul’s progress on our Main Menu, using the power of UDK he was able to set up a beautiful display and nice GUI as well. He has also done various button configurations in the option so the player can change the games resolution, and visual settings.


              Process of Creation for Seth’s Essences

              In Egyptian art, Set was mostly depicted as a mysterious and unknown creature, referred to as the Seth animal or Typhonic beast, with a curved snout, square ears, forked tail, and canine body, or sometimes as a human with only the head of the Seth animal. It has no complete resemblance to any known creature, although it does resemble a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, and a jackal, all of which are desert creatures. The main species of aardvark present in ancient Egypt additionally had a reddish appearance.

              Concept Art (References)

              -Created by Steven
              - Painted by Laurent
              With these two concept art pictures Kelvin was able to get the idea of how I wanted the coloring of Seth as well as how I wanted him modeled out.

              Seth’s Essences Concept Art

              Seth the God of Storms and Chaos Concept Art


                Modeling Seth’s Essences

                Modeling Seth’s Essences
                -Created by Kelvin
                In this process you see Kelvin merges pieces of both concept art pictures to modeling out Seth. Seeing that he is not complete he uses only the upper body, and also you will see how he tested the color shading of the material to get the right color he needs for the textures.

                Seth’s High Poly Model (W.I.P)

                Seth’s Low Poly Model and High Poly comparison (W.I.P)
                Also you see how skilled he is in keeping the baked normals of the highly poly model to come to exact comparison to the low poly.

                UDK In-Game Render
                -Material Effects created by Steven
                -Textured by Kelvin
                This is the final texture setting in UDK using the techniques from the material editor I was able to make the glow maps for set flow around his body to show a surge of dark energy flowing around him.


                  Seth's Roar Animation

                  Rigging and Animation
                  -Created by Kelvin

                  Seth’s Roar
                  Using references from certain movies Kelvin was able to get an ideal of how I wanted Seth to show himself in front of the player. You can see how he was able to rig not only the main body, but his hair as well as his cloth rigged and animated moving too.


                    Seth’s Bite Animation

                    Using references from, “Alien vs. Predator,” alien queen chase scene through the bone yard Kelvin was able to create this superb animation. As the player run’s down the hallway Seth will be right behind snapping at the back of his head. You can see how loose Seth is not stiff, and how ferocious he is as well.

                    I hope you guys enjoyed our updates, and are ready to see more coming next week Monday. If you have any questions or critic let me know, and I will get back to you soon as possible thank you very much for your interests =).


                      Wow really cool game man, is this for iOS?
                      Id think youd make a killing if it was, nice concept.


                        Here are my criticisms:
                        -He moves way too fast. I understand that a normal human would run this fast in a real life situation, but in a game you can't tell what's going on if the player moves like that all the time. Between this and the poor frame-rate, I had literally no idea what was going on in the video.
                        -The health bar is a bit over-designed for my liking. Horror games, in my opinion, should either have no HUD at all or a very minimal one, not a flashy-looking tattoo design.
                        -The camera position is perhaps a bit too centered to the character.


                          Hey appreciate your comments burst Effect this is just our prototype, but we are talking about creating a weapon prototype to release for IOS in the near future, so thanks guy I really like your feed back.

                          Hey Shindawg I appreciate your critics hitting areas that you feel are problems with out trying to bash the game in the process thanks for that. We are still polishing the game to release at the end of the month or the beginning of July, but I keep getting mixed views on the speed of the character some say it's too fast some say he is slow so I will have a discussing with my lead designer about it.

                          Thanks guys please keep looking for more updates this coming week.