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    Hey guys, I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is George. I am 17 years old and I am considering pursuing a career in Level Design. I love everything that goes on in these forums, I enjoy reading about other people's projects, and am involved in a couple myself.

    I am currently using blogspot as a place to share pictures of everything that I am working on, and I'd like to begin using it as a place to talk about Level Design, the hows, the why's, and about what makes it so amazing to me. I'd love for some of you guys to share your opinions on whatever aspect of gaming and game design you love, and what you like about my work, and what you think I could improve. At the moment my "Portfolio" page is a little aimless (if you can call it a portfolio), but as I said before, I am only 17, and currently have lots of other things on my plate.

    Check out the site here:

    - I believe that blogspot only requires that you have a google account to leave a comment, and I'd appreciate if you could share your thoughts there. However, I can understand that of those of you who may want to leave a comment, most would probably rather just do so on this thread, which is also fine.

    Now, I can't really link my page and expect you to be interested without showing you some pictures, so here you go! Samples of my work, Very Old, to not even finished (Hence the WIP thread).

    Please, talk to me!

    Just a small disclaimer here, I have had the chance to work with several very talented 3D artists on two projects, namely, that which you can see in the first picture, where I was responsible only for the lighting, effects and a few props. The other being Hogwarts modelled entirely by lunatorra, where again, my only focus was on beautifying the scene.

    Stunning work. Really good.


      Wow, thanks for the high praise! really means a lot