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    WIP The Samurai

    Hey guys, a little introduction.

    My name is Ryan, i'm 17 and my career goal is to start and grow a game studio. (I bought some beans from this old dude, he said that they grow into anything i want )

    While i am still in education, i figured i might aswell see what goes into making a game.
    Sure enough, over time, i learned more and more, started using 3d software, the one i use is Blender.
    And decided to get into a game editor and here i am, learning UDK.

    So, one way i figured, is to make a little game, nothing major, so that way, i can learn the innards of UDK and get familliar with it.
    As you might have guessed by the thread title, it is going to called "The Samurai", or atleast, in the end, something similar, and i plan on having it a 3rd person,
    wave based game where you kill multiple waves of enemies. The time frame is roughly where the Samuria died out, the 1800s.
    Most obvious of all, you play as a Samurai.

    Here's some pictures of what i've done so far, note, lots of place-holders.

    What i would like to do now is, make a nice fountain water particle system, i've got a somewhat basic understanding of the particle editor thingy.
    But other than that, i have no idea on how to make a believable particle system.
    I have googled and can't really find any decent tutorials.
    Links to tutorials would be appreciated.

    Other than that, i'll update when i make more progress.

    Simply good. Love the atmosphere. You're big enough to make this project clearer at your age.


      i'd like your paradigm. it is very good for one person but for best result try to have a team work.
      good luck.


        Hi, thanks.
        I like the idea of a team, learning from other people while quickening the pace of development, although, i wouldn't know where to begin, besides the recruiting section of the forum.


          Sorry for double post, but just wondering, should i replace the ground of where the gamer will be able to move with a static mesh?
          The reason i'm asking is because, well, the landscape does look good, but i have seen some really awesome effects made from using
          the Mesh Paint tool. And again, anyone know any good tutorials based on particles?


            Does this count as a triple post?

            Anyway, here's an update.

            Added some lense flares, i didn't make them, they came with UDK, i forgot to mention the grass did aswell.
            Also added little areas curbed off for grass, eventually, i'll add the odd bush and one or two trees at some point.

            Here's some screenshots:

            Need to fix some seams and redoo the mesh itself, also, might make a mesh where, the curbs are broken &/or out of place.


              How did you make that skybox? Did you use a terrain generator? It looks very nice.


                The skybox was one of the presets and i made the ground by using the landscape mode and sculpting it by hand.