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Routine - 80s Horror game set on the Moon

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    The quality is the Red/Blue post or is it also able to do Stereo3D?


      Its a post process and it is Yellow/Blue and thanks dude! <3! Merry Christmas to everyone also!

      oh and the final QnA Video!


        You guys are awesome. I am a fan.


          Status Update

          Hey guys, the game is progressing well and im sorry for the slow updates on the UDK forums! I am usually more of a nasty lurker!

          I think the best way to simplify this post I will do my best to answer a few common questions.

          • Q: Where is the gameplay trailer? you said it would be done weeks ago!

          • A: We have had to change what we are actually showing, we feel there is a fine line that we don’t want to cross, showing too much of a certain thing could really spoil the surprise when playing it for the first time yourself and obviously we don’t want to show too little! The gameplay trailer just needs a few more tweaks and additions, hopefully it will be done shortly after GDC as our hands are a bit tied until then.

          • Q: What will actually be shown in the gameplay trailer?

          • A: The gameplay trailer will focus more on Atmosphere and exploration with a tiny bit of enemy interaction, most of the gameplay trailer will be based in the public sector as it is one of the more complete areas that we have.

          • Q: Is the game really going to be released in April?!

          • A: Most probably not, when we wrote that date it was based on a very cut down small project, but since then the game has really developed into something that resembles a more complete experience. Right now I don’t want to speculate on the release date but let’s just say that it is still set to release in 2013, Sorry guys!

          • Q: Early Alpha Access on Steam?

          • A: Short answer is no, having early beta/alpha access to Routine just doesn’t work in our opinion, first experience and play through is so important!

          • Q: Oculus Rift compatible?!

          • A: Absolutely!! We are waiting on our Dev Kits to arrive any day now!


          Again, we are extremely sorry for the slow progress, we are honestly working as hard as we can without completely burning ourselves out. Thank you for all of the support so far guys and I know this won’t make up for it but here is a Wallpaper and a piece of concept art from the Hydroponics section of the game!


          seenooh: thanks buddy!


            This game looks freaking great. I love the atmosphere and the art direction you guys are taking with it. I personally know how much work this is and how long it takes to work on something like this; stay motivated and keep pushing forward, it will be very worth it in the end.

            Can't wait to see more.


              Hey hey!

              I am terrible at updating this thread but last week we released a gameplay video for our game 'Routine' check it out below!



              jak_carver: Thank you! really appreciate the kind words and what you are doing is great! <3!


                I still need to get around to watching that video - also I have some spare time if you have any small technical fiddling that needs doing. I'll bother you on the book of faces at some point


                  The video is great!, its nice to see the game is shaping up perfectly, keep up the great work!


                    Looking and sounding excellent. This is on my shopping list, and I don't buy games often


                      Yah same here but there is nothing new with it recently. Please Lunar Software keep us better updated.


                        ambershee: Thanks buddy! looking forward to seeing what you guys do at Pitbull!

                        Phen0mM0dz: we just released a 4 minute gameplay video last week, check up a few posts !

                        Thank you all for the kind words <3!


                          @Razorb: How do you guys handle the hmdwarping required for the rift? I'm currently writing my own shader to do the warping that includes chromatic aberration correction. But i'm having a hell of a time getting the shader to work on each eye separately instead of the screen as a whole.


                            Looking superb guys!
                            Will definately be keeping an eye on this!

                            EDIT: Ahh, I remember seeing the 4min trailer on the GoN site recently. Yes, very very cool indeed!
                            Reminded me of a modern System Shock.


                              I know I said this last time but I am sorry for my poor attempt at keeping this thread up to date, we just have our heads focused on work.

                              There have been one or two updates on the website if anyone is interested WWW.LUNAR-SOFTWARE.COM

                              Here are one or two more recent images.

                              @Indecom: Sorry for the terribly slow response and I am sure you know this by now but UDK does support DK1 which i what we where using and we don't do much beyond that honestly.

                              @Lord_PorkSword: Very kind! <3! SS2 is one of my fav games and yea it is a massive massive inspiration.

                              Now its time for some sleep and then back into my Routine !