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Routine - 80s Horror game set on the Moon

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    Phen0mM0dz: Very soon matey! I appreciate the love!
    fdslk: From Software is one of my favourite developers! and I do own Echo Night, havent managed to play it yet! but it looks great Thank you very much!
    Tux Android: Much appreciated! Its more inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, Moon and The Thing!

    More updates coming very soon! we are working on a teaser video over these next few days!


      Hey everyone!

      Going to give a wee recap of what's been happening over the last month!

      But before that the Lunar team would love to congratulate the Curiosity Rover on officially landing on Mars! we were watching and are very inspired and a bit giddy! so please go check that out if you haven't already.

      First off we have been hard at work on our first Teaser really excited to post this up once it's done!

      During July we attended the Develop conference in Brighton for the Indie dev day.
      This was a great experience for all of us and had the chance to meet some great people INCLUDING MARK REIN! and receive some interesting feedback!

      I am sure Mark Rein will hate us for posting this! but it was a very exciting day for us!

      After that we were kindly featured in the Guardian by Keith Stuart! <-LINK

      Aaron did an interview over at Gamers Hideout with Ryan Archer. <-LINK

      We were also previously covered by Chris Priestman at The Indie Game Mag <-LINK

      Thanks for the support and coverage! its always great to receive some.

      As for what the team is currently doing:

      Pete is working on the AI, something we are all really pumped for!
      Aaron is working on everything as per usual
      and I am working on something every good game needs, a SEWER ENVIRONMENT ON THE MOON!! it is a much darker environment than most of the Moon base, so It's really enjoyable to make!.

      That's all for now, thanks for catching up with us and Teaser on its way soon!

      - Jemma


        Hey UDK forums!

        Today we are pleased to finally show off our debut teaser!

        • On top of that we are pleased to announce that we now have an amazing audio director that goes by the name Mick Gordon! who has worked on such things as the Need for Speed series, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor Warfighter and our personal favourite, Edge of Twilight! Mick is a huge asset to the team, and has already helped us out tremendously in all areas!

        • You can check some of Mick Gordon’s work out over at

        • We do also now have a site for Routine over at it is a bit basic and crude at the moment as I am the one who managed to splice it together! I promise to get something a bit nicer up in the near future!

        • We hope you guys like the teaser, please feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions on the Youtube video or head on over to our Twitter and Facebook!


          Oh wow! This is looking amazing man. Very high quality stuff. Micks work adds a lot, great fit!


            Nice trailer and good presentation, mate. As for that, they recognize your game project by Britain's standalone newspaper, The Guardian; and two peoples you met them - sound master Mick Gordon, and Epic VP Mark Rein. I'm sure that the Epic VP will happy about your team project though, at least memorizing, lol.


              This does look really good!
              I hope to see it finished soon! Keep up the good work!


                Hey, congrats on the project and on the feature by


                  Look nice. Would love to see more gameplay but i'm sure we will !!

                  Nice trailer!


                    Thanks guys! means a lot! and yea we cant wait to show unedited gameplay !


                      Awesome trailer guys! Good job on all your hard work!


                        So when is the next update? Like I said before love your work.


                          They just did an update this weekend Phen0mM0dz!

                          Go check it out!



                            Looking good !!!
                            Love the passion

                            Greetings from Serbia


                              Hey guys! sorry for not always updating this thread! I always think it is best to wait off until we have more in game stuff we want to show! but there have been a bunch of updates over the past few weeks!

                              We are doing a bunch of QnA videos at the moment! here are the first 2!

                              We were also one of the first 10 games to get Greenlit on Steam!


                              Oh the 3 of us also moving in together so we can use the front room as a studio!

                              and here is a buncho links to interviews and other notable coverage we have been getting! <3!

                              • EDGE

                              • THE VERGE

                              • BITSCREED

                              • GAMESPY

                              • GAMEMUSE

                              • BRITISH INDIE

                              • MWEB

                              • GAMER SYNDROME

                              • SINGULARITY UNIVERSE

                              Sorry for the spam guys! <3!


                                Oh i can only have 1 video in each post! so here is the second QnA video.

                                and also! I should of added the awesome PC Gamer article that was written up!