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[WIP] Supernatural: Winchester's Blood UPD:26/11/12

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    [WIP] Supernatural: Winchester's Blood UPD:26/11/12

    Hi everyone, first serious post here. I started my school in 3D animation in September and we will have to create an actual game at the end. And because a love the TV show Supernatural, i'm going to create one based on the First episode of the seventh season. So here's what i have so far

    So i'm starting this W.I.P with the iconic object of the TV show, the car!!

    Here's the screen shot that i Have so far

    The game will happen inside this building, so i'm not really interested on working on the outside. But still, I'll keep working a bit on it

    And here's the screen shot for the cinematic at the begenin.

    Trying to recreate as close as possible the desk of bobby!

    And part of your program, your teacher want to show us how yard a game is by ''forcing'' us to create a account on Indiegogo (an alternative of kickstarter, but for canadian), so here's the link

    Indiegogo Link

    This is no spam or publicity, just trying to show how big this is for me and this is the only time I will talk about this! ;P

    Last thing, i already did Sam & Dean winchester back in october (with bobby and Death), but i will work on them more (specially Sam). So what you are seeing isn't the final result but more of a 3D sketch
    But this is what i have so far

    Thanks everyone and good night!!

    Looks stunning.

    Great environment, lighting, details and scary places; not bad for modeling the characters but bit not exact for texturing. Anyway, good work, and I don't even watch the show based on this project just yet.


      I found the DT3D skin shader that i will apply, but i'm not able to find a good tutorial for realistic cloth if anyone have something :P
      And also, i did all those character with 2000k, but i will try to go Up to 5K, think its gonna help me without using too much power from the computer


        the characters look flat, so I was wondering if that's a texture issue, or the actual model.


          Really like the look & feel of the map

          As for the character, it's a nice start. I too think they look flat. I know there ordinary people in the tv series so I don't expect to see unreal type character with big muscles & such. I think it's because they dept material (normals map) isn't enough & the skeleton a bit small. But for the colors & textures it fits well

          Great work so far, keep it up


            Merci Steve, j'ai tellement de la misère et je déteste tellement faire des personnages que je manque d'interet de continuer. Mais bon j'ai pas le choix de les faires...:P

            Elazuel. They don't look flat, they are flat. Its really hard to try recreating actor that you don't have in front of you...also i hate doing character!!! But i swear they will look a lot better once imported in UDK


              Bobby's house looks amazing and authentic.


                Awesome work so far!


                  Supernatural <3

                  Looks good so far


                    Small Update before the weekend!

                    Still have a lot of difficulty of making a old church transformed into a factory...


                      Love love love those interiors, definitely nailed it there. But I agree what the other guys said about the character models, it's the only thing that isn't as well finished as the other work you have done. Really good job though


                        great work! I like


                          Small Updates. Almost finishing the exterior. I think i will add some few building close of the main one, but next week, starting the interior

                          The biggest Pb is when the character will get really high (at the top of the building), we will see that the scene isn't filled.Other than copy/past a lot of building, does anyone have an idea how to filled it ?


                            Ok, so i was tired of posting picture. So i did a walk-through instead. One of the bp it the tilling. Graffiti on another uv channel should look less repetitive
                            Sorry for not adding a song, i still don't know what to put :P
                            So, here's the Video

                            VIDEO UPDATED IN FULL HD

                            But the biggest pb is that i didn't filed up the whole scene. I don't want to do 50 house that i will copy past, copy past, copy past...

                            Is there a cheap way to fake a city?


                              Good progress, nice vid

                              Pour les bâtiments, soit que tu les les créer à partir de BSP puis tu appliques des matériaux différents (brique, pierre, etc) ou tu utilises une mesh stock que tu copie-colle effectivement mais en appliquant des différent matériaux aussi puis en changeant les propriétés X/Y/Z. À part ça, y a pas d'autres façon à ma connaissance ?