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    MC's Project

    I feel since I will be using the forums alot over the coming years I should explain a little about my own project as it will help provide a bit of background to things I may say, suggest or inquire about etc. I won't delve to deep into it as I don't want to ruin the future update which I'm planning in a few months once the first map enters its Alpha phase.

    The game itself it based in 2146, it's not an entire new world with flying spaceships, the environments will range from current world environments (changes obviously) to more futuristic locations and there will also be an underwater city as part of the SP aspect of the game. The game is currently planned to feature 12 Single Player maps and 9 of those will have MP counterparts.

    The entire concept for gameplay is a players ability to choose there path, you can take the stealth route and attempt to avoid alot of the enemy encounters and attempt a "silent" route, all you can aim to take on waves after wave of enemies as you attempt to complete you goals. There will be a few scenarios of specific challenge whereby the player has to find and create there own path around situations if they opt for the a stealth route, however if they are going gung-ho they will have a pretty accelerating sequence of events to navigate to avoid ultimate destruction.

    Basically I want the game to be immersive to an extent where users don't just unload all of there ammo, it will run out and it could be a while until you find more. The combat system will include a range of hand/hand and guns but the guns will be in short supply and you'll most likely find yourself looking for ammo as opposed to the next weapon up, so instead of going Weapon A, Weapon B, Weapon C - The player is more likely to go Weapon A, Weapon B, Weapon A with modifier, Weapon C. The general idea it to keep the player conscious of there equipment as they enter an environment, which weapon would be best for each given scenario, is now the time to use my hollow-point rounds etc.

    The main focus on the game will always be on the Single Player and the MP will take a back seat with just the standard gametypes DM, TDM, Retreival, S&D, CTF, Domination etc. Although I may add a few extra to this later if I feel more needs added to that aspect. The one unique aspect will be you always start MP with no weapons.

    Anyways I'll wrap up here as I don't want to give anything about the storyline itself away or any of the features I'm desperate to get to work on. I'm always happy to answer any questions on the project (or my experience etc) and look forward to sharing some media in the future (which i'll include in this thread).

    Please excuse my not including the project name, this is again something I will unveil in coming weeks.