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WIP- First Person Tower Defense - Using Kismet Only!

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    WIP- First Person Tower Defense - Using Kismet Only!

    So this is my final project for a Level Design class I'm taking at the Academy of Art University. This little level is focusing a lot more on the technical side, getting the mechanics working, rather than the level design itself. And it's due next Wednesday
    The basic idea for the level is that you have been given a radio to an orbital drop ship and you can call in drop pods that land and deploy into turrets that automatically track and shoot at enemies that are trying to invade your base. And so far I have working:

    1. Enemies spawning and following pathnodes to the base entrance. When they make it to the entrance they hit a trigger and get killed (Or their health gets modified -110)
    2. When you aim at an available turret location a see through turret shows up showing that a turret can be placed there. When you left click the turret drops in from overhead and activates.
    3. After the turret is activated it automatically fires at any enemies within range.
    4. Initially it was pretty inaccurate and the rockets that most turrets use were hitting behind the enemies. So there is now a basic target leading system where the rockets fire in front of the enemies so the rockets actually hit them(At least most of the time).

    Look Here for Kismet screenshot of my tower!!
    And Kismet for Activating Tower

    Short Video of the tower

    Things I'd like to add/fix while staying in Kismet. No Unrealscript, haven't quite learned it yet and don't have the time now to start wrapping my head around it:

    1. The tower is supposed to attach a trigger in front of the enemy a set distance (to lead the target) and then fire a rocket at the trigger. But for some reason the first rocket gets fired without the trigger attaching to the enemy. Even though the kismet sequence has that attachment before the spawn projectile.

    2. Super cool feature would be dynamic target leading I've sat down and tried to remember math in order to accomplish this, but it isn't coming to me very easily.

    3. Right now my target leading trigger just gets attached however many units away in the z-axis since the current guys just run in a straight line. But what I really need is to attach the trigger in front of the direction the enemy is facing. That way the enemies can turn corners and the target leading is always fire in front of the enemy whichever direction he's running.

    4. It would be super cool to have tower upgrades so that when you look at a current tower some sort of in game gui pops up allowing you to select upgrades.

    Absolutely any comments/suggestions/questions are welcome and appreciated!

    Check this out for maths... Pretty cool that you did all that with kismet.