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[WIP] - Fraktured Games - Desperate Times Demo

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    [WIP] - Fraktured Games - Desperate Times Demo

    (NOTE - Have started a new WIP thread due to a transition of leadership. )
    This will be the WIP thread for our lil pc game demo...
    "Desperate Times"

    We'll include not only pictures, links to media and forums, but SVN access so that anyone who wants to see how we're building things from the ground up can. This game demo will be an open source / free game so all the code and UPKs will be available for free download.

    Website =
    Forums =

    SVN Info
    urls =
    svn:// (reference documentation)
    svn:// (uscript & code and folder structure)
    svn:// (assembled UPKs and UDKs and folder structure)

    user: guest
    pass: spiffy1470

    I recommend installing EasySVN for easy dropbox like updating. (Windows only)

    I think OSX users have a app called 'Versions' that can be purchased / installed.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post and I'll try my best to answer.

    OMG was there a riot in ULU?


      nah, Lee (Archie) needed to step back due to family issues and I'm in stepping up to lead the game project through as I have more time at the moment.


        GDD (this is copied / pasted from Word, some of the included screen shots and art will seem to be missing in spots)

        1. High Concept of Desperate Times Demo: Desperate Times Demo is a 3D survival first person shooter where the players fight off multiple waves of enemies to save their city.
        2. Summary Overview
        2.1. Story of Desperate Times: You are one of the few surviving members of a city that is caught in an endless time warp. With you townsman, you try your best to defend against the onslaught of the relentless hordes of enemies trying to kill you. Using whatever the time shift gives you, you defend the city until you last dying breath.
        2.2. Core Gameplay: The players are the defender of his/her city. He/She will have to fight off hordes of incoming enemies. The players will need to defend against 20 waves of enemies to be successfully save their city. Each city has a protective wall and buildable defense towers that will prevent the enemies from entering the city until they break down the gate. Once the hoard breaks down the gate, hundreds of enemies will storm the city and start attacking the players. Enemies will be attracted to the defense towers, the time crystal shard, and the players. The players will have a short time before the hoard reaches the gate to choose to build a tower or attempt to find random upgrades for their character. Each city will have a start with 2 tower build areas, and during the ‘last stand’ the character will be able to place an emergency tower near the crystal shard. Each tower will have only have 1 build type for the demo.

        2.3. Key Features:
        • Quick & Familiar FPS Game Play
        • PC Platform
        • High Quality Models and Textures
        • High Quality Sound effects and
        • Professional Music Score
        • Multiplayer Co-op play for up to 4 players. (Not in Demo)
        • Customize Characters
        • Saved stats
        • Made with UDK for UDK developers and players. This a very similar game engine to Unreal Engine 3 made by Epic Games. UE3 has been used to create over 100 AAA Games for multiple platforms.

        Game Play

        3.1. First Minute: After the character is chosen, the player will spawn randomly within the map. The player will have 1 minute to either mount a defense tower or find random upgrades throughout the map for the player’s character.
        3.2. Game flow: Launch Game>Main Menu>Game Start>New Campaign>Character Select>Game Play>Defend City against hoard>Win/Lose>End Level Game Stats>Continue/Exit Game
        3.3. Victory Conditions: Player(s) defend the city from 20 waves of the hoard.
        3.4. Loss Conditions: Player is killed in combat or crystal shard is destroyed by the hoard.
        3.5. Sound:
        3.5.1. Music Style: Orchestral instrumentation, Suspenseful Main Menu: 60 seconds, seemless looping, upbeat Game Play Load screen: 60 seconds, seemless looping, musical transition from upbeat to suspenseful Game Play: 2.5-5minutes, seemless looping, suspenseful Score & Rewards Screen: 30-60 seconds seemless looping, musical transition similar to the game play load screen.
        3.5.2. Sound Design Style: Ambience: mellow, war like HardSFX: realistic, movie like
        3.6. Graphics / Art Style: See art guide.
        3.7. GUI:
        3.7.1. Main Menu:

        See Desperate Times user Menu experience.png in the FlowCharts folder. The

        Style of menu will reflect the “BulletStorm Menu” Show below. …
        3.7.2. In-game limbo Menu: See Flow Chart - Desperate Times user Menu experience.png for functionality portion of pause/limbo menu. In-game limbo menu has yet to be designed/drafted.
        3.7.3. HUD: See HUD.jpg under the Mockups folder.

        Score & Rewards Screen: First minute bla hl
        3.8. Sounds: First minute bla hl ablagh
        3.9. Controls: Standard Unreal Tournament Controls which can be remapped in the

        Game Specifics
        4.1. Level Design:
        4.1.1. Game Setting:
        4.1.2. Environmental Types / Effects:
        4.1.3. Overhead layout: see the Map v1 Divide v1.jpg and SectionA_LayoutDesign1_lion00777.jpg files in the GameReference\Level Design Team Concepts folder. ^^ CUSTOMS / PARK ^^
        4.2. Heroes / Characters: All of the character will be wearing military’esk outfits.
        4.2.1. Classes: GBOGH Defender (go big or go home) – Slow runner, but can only carry big weapons (mini guns, rocket launchers, dual wield AK-47s). Run Speed = .8x, Walk Speed = .4x. Amor Rating +20% Name: Vince - Express Defender – Moves walks/runs 2x as fast as the other classes. Can only equip medium ranged weapons, like the AK-47 and short swords. When equipping any armor, class gets a -10% bonus in armor rating and -20% in speed reduction. Name: Teya – Winged death has a name, and that name is Teya. She’s so quick on her feet that it seems that she is floating above the ground. She’s a badass who knows she has to be better than the rest to survive. You’ll always see her red hair up in a ponytail. She frequently wears a baseball cap as well. She’s slim and often wearing a sleeveless “A-Shirt” T-shirt. If Sara Conner from T2 had a twin sister, Teya would be it. Mechanic Defender – Repairs weapons, armor, and turrets. Can equip any weapon, however when equipping a submachine gun, class has a +20% better chance of insta kill for a ‘lucky shot. All other weapons have a -20% chance for a lucky shot, and -10% damage. When equipping any armor, class gets a +10% bonus in armor rating. Run speed =1x, walk speed, .5x Name: Nick – He put the jerry in jerry-rigging. He knows how disassemble to take apart an AK-47 and reassemble it blind folded. Duct tape, a pair of screw drivers, and a cigar that always seems lit is what you’ll see when you see him. He’s a bit over weight, but in shape, and you know he could handle himself in a fist fight. Think Doc from bullet storm, but without the eye patch and with only the mustache. Eagle Eye Defender – Ranged, Uses Sniper rifle and other long ranged weapons. Has a deadly dagger for up close encounters. Can only equip long range weapons and daggers. Run Speed = 1x, Walk Speed = .5x Name: Archie – He understands range and its advantages. He’s cold and calculated. He doesn’t shoot until he can see the pupils of his attackers’ eyes (under a 22x scope). Archie rarely says anything, but when he stares at you, you feel as if he’s able to look inside you with those cold calculated eyes. He’s typically found wearing all brown (military style camo) as he likes to blend in to his environment. He has a medium build and usually wears a baseball cap backwards until he’s ready to take out the enemy.
        4.2.2. Character Weapons / Items Weapons Items Upgrades
        4.3. Enemies:
        4.3.1. Classes – Hoard Humanoid Name - Oranor
        4.3.2. AI: Left 4 Dead Style AI – Run around/through anything that gets in the way of attack the warp crystals (primary) and player (secondary). Waves (Number of enemies per wave) 5 7 10 14 19 25 32 40 50 64 80 100 128 160 192 224 256 286 320 384

        4.3.3. Weapons:

        Technical Specifications

        5.1. Minimum PC Requirements: Dual Core 2.5Ghz+ CPU. 4GB of RAM. 2GB of HardDrive Space, Nvidia 9800GT or Better Video Card. Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
        5.2. Recommended PC Requirements: Quad Core 2.8Ghz+ CPU, 16GB of Ram, 4GB of HardDrive Space, Nvidia GTX 460 or Better Video Card, Windows 7 x64
        5.3. Third-Party Software Used:
        5.3.1. Versioning: SVN server and TortoiseSVN
        5.3.2. Models: 3Ds Max, Blender, Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush
        5.3.3. Textures: PhotoShop / Illustrator / nDo2/ Actual Photos
        5.3.4. Concept Art: PhotoShop / Illustrator / HandSketched
        5.3.5. Audio: Sound Forge, Pro Tools
        5.3.6. Animation: ipirecorder, Maya
        5.4. Coding Specifications:
        5.4.1. File Naming Conventions:
        5.4.2. Format: Uscript, Flash, C
        5.5. Art Specifications:
        5.5.1. File Naming Conventions:
        TX_TextureName_D diffuse texture
        TX_TextureName_DO diffuse texture with opacity in alpha channel
        TX_TextureName_DS diffuse texture with specular in alpha channel
        TX_TextureName_N normalmap texture
        TX_TextureName_O opacity texture
        TX_TextureName_S specular texture
        MAT_MaterialName material
        TM_MaterialName terrain material
        TLS_SetupName terrain layer setup
        TX_Detail[name] detail texture 8-bit grayscale or packed bitplanes eg. TX_DetailRock1
        TX_Macro[name] macro texture 8-bit grayscale or packed bitplanes eg. TX_MacroDirt
        TX_Mask[name] mask texture 8-bit grayscale or packed bitplanes eg. TX_MaskRandom

        Graphical Assets:
        Prefix Asset Type
        SK_ Skeletal Mesh
        SM_ Static Mesh
        SMF_ Static Mesh Fractured
        M_ Material
        AS_ Anim Set
        AT_ Anim Tree
        TX_ Texture
        PS_ Particle System
        eg. SK_Humaneg. M_Human
        Graphical Asset Sub-Type:
        Prefix Asset Sub-Type
        D DiffuseS Spec
        N Normal
        E Emissive
        M RGB Mask
        For Characters this is used for:* R = Spec Power Mask* G = Fresnel Mask* B = Transmission Mask For Hair:* R = Hair Alpha* G = Could be used for something on the body* B = Could be used for something on the body eg. T_Human_D.tgaeg. T_Human_N.tga

        5.5.2. Formats:
        5.6. Sound Specifications:
        5.6.1. File Naming Conventions: Projectname_A_Audiotype_Soundname_Function (if it has a function) Please follow the casing listed as well.

        Breakdown of above: Projectname: Name of the current project or game the sound is going into.
        A: Represents Audio
        Audiotype: Represents what type of audio will be used in project/game.
        Soundname: the name of the sound or music
        Function: Typically for weapons or other scripted items that have multiple functions that trigger the sound.
        example1: Tron_A_Ambient_WarehouseNoise1
        example2: Tron_A_Item_Medkit_Use
        example3: Tron_A_Vo_JohnDoe1
        example4: Tron_A_Weapon_Disc_Throw1
        example5: Tron_A_Music_Funkytown_Function
        5.6.2. Format: Hard Sound Effects – mono - 16Bit 44.1kHz (or 22kHz for lower frequency audio). Ambient sounds – same as above but stereo. Music – Stereo -16bit 44.1kHz. Must be final mix. No MP3s accepted.
        5.7. UDK / UPK specifications:
        5.7.1. File Naming Conventions: Sound Packages - Projectname_A_Audiotype01

        5.7.2. Snaps / Grid: Default sizes
        Player height is 96 UU
        Player jump height head 160 UU (don't know if scripters will change this)
        Player jump height feet 48 UU (don't know if scripters will change this)
        Full cover 64 UU
        Headstick cover 48 UU
        Half cover 32 UU
        Wall Thickness 16UU
        Wall height 192
        Stairs 384x912 24stairs
        Double stairs 192x92 12 stairs
        Door W96x H128x T16
        Small door W64x H128x T16
        Windows W96x H96x T16 and 96 uu from the floor
        Street 384
        Small alley 192
        Large alley 256


          Quick and dirty style guide for the game for DTD.
          Style Guide Notes
          Middle Eastern
          not be too ornate or have too much details in its design
          incorporate the "edgy" sharp cornered blocky look we're aiming for.
          modern setting
          Building are not pristine or as if it was just built. They will show signs that people have been using the place and is maintained.
          Buildings / Area will not look destroyed or derelict, but may have some noticeable wear and tear caused by everyday use.
          Attached Files


            Post Reserved for Audio Guide.




              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]

              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]

              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]

              Turret Model
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]

              Concrete Wall
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]

              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]
              [shot] [/shot]


                Early Character Concept Art

                Building Concept Art

                Power Station Concept Art
                [shot] [/shot]
                [shot] [/shot]
                [shot] [/shot]

                Wall Segment Concept Art

                Present Day Wall

                The Park



                  Toggle Camera

                  AK-47 Idle Animation

                  Modular Building Test


                    For those interested in joining the team they can find our thread here:


                      Updated GDD post and Updated Art style post.


                        Updated models and added some older concept art.

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                          Starting June 15th, we'll be releasing weekly builds on our SVN. Stay Tuned!


                            Hey guys, looks like you have a lot of work going on! Looking good. Your weapon models are pretty cool but then your environment assets don't seem to fit with those, might be something to consider?

                            Also, have you guys blocked out any of those levels from the concept art? Would be cool to see

                            Good job guys!


                              Thank you for your feedback.

                              As for the map, if you access our svn, you can see load our current map which is white boxed out. We haven't implemented any environment art into the map yet as we're finalizing the over head plan to ensure game flow is appropriate.

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