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NEVER END [- iOS Physics Puzzler -]

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  • NEVER END [- iOS Physics Puzzler -]

    UPDATE: Never End is now on the App Store! View the release thread for more info.

    What is Never End?
    Never End is a physics puzzler inspired by the Flash game of the same name. In Never End, you are able to change the direction of gravity to solve challenging puzzles involving switches, crushing blocks, death tiles, and more.


    iOS, more specifically native to 960x640 resolution (iPhone 4, newer iTouches). Working on a graphics system that enables up/downscaling to 480x320 and 1024x768. Retina iPad3 resolution support is not planned.

    The screen is divided into 4 invisible "zones" in a rectangular 2x2 grid. Tap the bottom left to move left, bottom right to go right, top left to rotate counterclockwise, top right to rotate clockwise. In this way movement is very intuitive.

    What's done already?
    • Gameplay physics
    • Switch/death touch-sensitive events
    • Crushing block physics
    • Save/points system
    • Most basic UI scenes

    What needs to be done?
    • Settings menu
    • Companion cube (Portal FTW!)
    • Dynamic movers/conveyor belts
    • Better collision audio and effects
    • More levels! (50-100 planned)
    • Music! (At least 6 tracks planned)

    Planned release date:
    Hopefully Winter 2012.

    So...what's the cost?
    $1.99. Seriously, it's gonna be a steal.

    Well, that's it for now. This post will be updated as Never End work progresses, but for now feel free to share your thoughts/suggestions/criticism, any feedback will be much appreciated.

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    Hey Willyg,

    Can't believe no one has posted on this thread yet! The game definitely looks fun and very interesting with the gameplay ideas you have in there! Best of luck with it!


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      Haha yea well it's been buried a few pages deep in the forums for a while. But thanks!


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        It looks pretty fun and addicting =)


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          @bauriema: thanks!

          Got some updates! MAY PROGRESS VIDEO:

          Some new information:
          • Planned release: Fall 2012
          • Number of levels: 50
          • Supports Game Center? Tentatively yes
          • Supports Facebook integration? Tentatively no

          Some progress data:
          • Number of completed levels: 26
          • Average level size: 490 KB
          • Current total game size: 39 MB
          • Expected total game size: ~60 MB
          • Approximate percent complete: 50% (halfway there! )

          Keep an eye out for more progress in June!


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            This game is now on the App Store! View the release thread here:!