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    Falling Bomb Studios Requment


    A little about falling bomb studios, the company was formed in 2010 when Joshua Creighton and Adam Winter start to go to work on a number of different games,they ranged from Lego zombies to FPS but after a Major hard drive crash they lost their work and decide to start work on a game called project mars but after months of planning they found them self’s branching of the idea of project mars and falling on to their newest project, Subject 7 there most technical game yet with the inspiration of there favorite games Fallout 3, the darkness and dead rising.

    the team so far consists of so far:
    Joshua Creighton – Head of Company, Modeler, Animator, Rigger, Storyline Writer and Environment Designer.
    Adam Winter – Head of Company, Texture Artist, Environment Designer, Animator and Storyline Writer
    Leif Larsen – CEO, Environment Designer, Environment Modeler and Sound Artist
    Bellini Virgil – Concept Artist

    Project: Subject 7

    Genre: FPS Action/Adventure

    Game-Play: the game is based in a post-apocalyptic free-roam world where you are in search of the main NPC who brought the world to what ithas become. In the game there will settlements over the map with the ability to interact with the NPC, in each settlement you have a reputation you have to rise in order to get newer equipment and missions (side and main) each bringing you one step closer to your destination. You will be able to level the main character where you change their stats and skills. You can also change their weapons and armor by upgrading them and to create your own settlement. The main character at the start of the game has a special ability as well as the rest of the subjects place through out the world.

    Story Summary: Michael Was Orphaned from Birth As his mother passed giving Birth and Father Went missing in 1969 in Vietnam Just before Michael Was Born. Michael Was Moved from Foster Home to Foster home because of his bad behaviour until he turned 18. At 18 the foster care stopped and he was forced to live on the streets trying to find any work possible, by age 22 he finally had enough money to rent a small 1 bedroom flat in Dorset, from there he managed to get a full time job working on a farm cleaning out the animals pens. By age 25 he switched jobs to work in an office where he met Kathrin Smith, after a few years of dating she fell pregnant with a baby Girl. A year after the baby was born they finally decided to get married and settled down together. In 2003 after a hard day’s work Michael came home and went to settle down for a family dinner, enjoying their meal and family company, There was a knock at the door two suited men With a warrant for his custody forced him to leave his family unable to return, Michael was then transported to the Adam & Eve project facility where testing begun.

    We are currently looking for anyone and everyone with some experience in game making programmers artist and modelers.

    You can follow us on Facebook by following this link!/pages/Fal...15610201814444

    Or contact either Adam or Josh on:


    Falling Bomb Studios

    I don't think this is the appropriate part of the forum to post this...Got Skills? Looking For Talent would be the right part of the forum even though I see you already posted there too.


      hiya well we posted here as well because altho we are requrting we are also posting the progress of the game if you follow the facebook link there are pictures of our progress so far


        Originally posted by FallingBombStudio View Post
        hiya well we posted here as well because altho we are requrting we are also posting the progress of the game if you follow the facebook link there are pictures of our progress so far
        Ooh! doubleposting? that is an even worse "no no"


          Facebook link is busted.


            Sorry bout that guys new link Falling bomb studios facebook