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    Nubem City iOS

    Here's my WIP so far.It will hopefully be out on the App Store soon!

    This is my Honours project at Uni, working on low-poly environments and development for the iOS. Being wowed at Epic Citadel I just had to try it for myself.
    Currently in the re-modelling and texturing (Grrrr -_- ) process so will update when its looking prettier!
    Its gone through an extensive design and ******* about =P Check out my blog at

    The fly through was done on the PC version

    Will get it updated as soon as!

    Video link changed to my dev account -


      That is extremely low poly, in fact that looks like a block out of a level, not the close-to-finished project it should be. I hope when you say remodeling and retexturing you mean quite extensively so. I think epic citadel used a lot of geo blocking features so it didn't have to render much of the level outside of what the player had in his immediate environment. You might be able to use the big hills and windmills and such to recreate this optimization?


        That is correct, at this stage I had gone through many re-designs of the level. So this was to get the feel for it, the layout, and general asset placement.
        Fine details were not my major point.

        I am at the stage no of doing all the assets etc for final. =]

        Yep im hoping so, i cant remember what the volumes are called of the top of my head but I will post updates at the next stage =]



          For anyone interested, heres the latest level info from the blog, and also a snap of it working on the iPhone. =]

          Again still alot of work to be done but its getting there =]


            Cool to see iOS projects, I guess like previous handheld disciplines you should try to exxagurate your colour. Don't be afraid to handpaint your diffuse maps as it'll translate onto handheld a lot better. What kind of style are you going for? you mentioned epic citadel which is quite stylized.

            Keep going though!


              Cheers =]

              Style wise, I decided to go with realistic textures, this is due to me being more of a techy than an artist, so I can get reference images for the game.
              After the module hand in, I may go in and make a different style for it, or even see if theres any artists out there that want to have a go =]


                Fair enough, I'm the same really. See how you get on with the realism on ios I guess then!

                It is doable of course, for example that air supremacy game that's in the top 25 at the moment!


                  Nice job Dodge.

                  Like Darth just said, watch out for those textures looking too noisy, it might be an idea to handpaint one or even find a less grainy one. Even using block colours will give you a nice style if it is a technical demo.


                    Yeh getting realism on iOS seems harder than expected, makes me really respect the talent that goes into Infinity blade, Epic Citadel, and Air Supremacy.

                    Cheers WPG, i've slightly refined the textures, however are still noisy but will do.
                    It is a tech demo, as its main purpose has been to get a game from UDK working on the mobile. But I just wanted it to look nice for presentation purposes.

                    Cheers for the feedback guys, the level is around 80% done now, im going to get it around 90% and get a cheeky submission on the app store and will also update this page and the blog =]



                      Heres the latest screens of the lower section. 95% textured, again to note I am not an artist, so my texturing is off =]



                        And heres the final game.

                        Im calling time on this level as ive got a hand-in in around 10 days. And want it running smoothly by then.

                        After this time, I plan to continue with either this level, or a whole new one but on a similar style.
                        I plan to submit to the app store tonight and see what they say!

                        I have used UDKs skydome for the level. This is due to time constraints and not being an artist. The app will be non-commercial and will not make any more by proxy of the app, with an update this will be changed.


                          Final Video

                          Hey to anyone who still might be following this thread!

                          Here's the latest fly through.

                          I am currently getting it onto the app store, which is proving a pain!
                          If anyone wants to have a play, download 'Device information' on your iPhone, and message me your phone details.
                          I will then send you the app which you can play about with =]

                          I hope to continue with this style of environment and evolve a game around it =]

                          Feedback, comments, suggestions anything are all welcome!


                            If anyone is still following this thread, the game is now live on the App Store! =D

                            It still needs a lot of bug fixing but its on there at least!


                              Download in progress