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Amulet of the Ancients. - Student project

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    Amulet of the Ancients. - Student project


    Though id start showing some progress for a student game currently being made.
    This is one project about 5 weeks in at the moment with 4 students, who have never touched UDK before.
    At the moment we have a level well on its way, custom character and enemies, puzzles and melee combat (in its most basic form)

    Lots still to do and lots to fix also, like the main character has no shadow so it looks likes he floating a little, spider enemies wont ragdoll when they die.... these are really annoying me :/ and i dont know how to fix it. Need more checkpoints throughout the level, when the player dies he needs to respawn with his weapon also. more enemies and a boss fight wich i will be working on this week

    Heres a short clip of the begining of the level=

    Sorry for the bad quality will hopefully get something a bit better soon.
    Thanks for looking

    I like the big variation (platform/combat/puzzle) and the char really much, but you should do something about the sound effects
    (especially the spider sounds and blocks/attacks), reminds me of runescape (and that game really sucks).


      Thanks for looking

      Yehh sound effects are a problem, as no one in the team are really into the sound side of things so it just free sounds that we have gathered :/ hopefully we can get something abit nicer before its finished. but for us its not really a priority at the moment were trying to learn an engine and the basics of actually creating a game as this is our first.

      ill update another video later of another mechanic that is in progress ... also i fixed the shadow problem with the main character ( it was a simple problem with the material.. something stupid but its a learning curve)



        Added in one of the games mechanics, the player has the power to call upon the power of ancient gaurdians to aid them through puzzles and combat.
        hopefully for next week ill get some puzzles going on with the earth gaurdian and some combat

        Thanks for looking.


          Looks really good so far!

          Was this done using mostly kismet or unrealscript? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what sites/resources did you use to help you accomplish this?




            Yehh some unrealscript but mainly kismet.. mostly becuase im an artist and i wasnt really interested in the programming side, but as no one else would step up to the challenge in my group so i had to do that aswell.
            And mostly ive been using these forums if i have any problems.. and the rest hours and hours of searching the web and trial and error :P


              AOTA -Update

              Alots changed in the past week, the first level is basically finished.. id like to do more but i needed to get started on a second level, so yeh the second level has been started.
              heres a few screenshots. once the deadlines in for the game ill probably post the game up on here so people can have a go and play it