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DX9 Skin Shader Using UDK

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    DX9 Skin Shader Using UDK


    I'm currently working on a Real-Time Skin Shader using the material editor of UDK.
    I'll post my progress in this thread.
    C&C are welcome !

    The only post effect I've applied is : Bokeh DOD ( EPIC ), Chromatic Aberration and Filmic Tonemmaping ( EPIC ).

    For my test I've use a head that I've made for "Kylotoon Games" ( except normal and mesh ).

    You can send me a MP if you want me to use your models for my test !

    looks quite good so far!
    my only questioning would be how it'd look in a more practical environment, mainly outdoors at daytime with direct sunlight. I myself have a DX9 skin-like shader and I absolutely love how it looks in the editor's previews (animTree viewer, mesh viewer, etc) but once in outdoors it loses a lot of its specialness

    I myself am using some CustomLighting that basically bleeds the light into a further angle than the usual lighting angle and colors that light-bleeding into darker red'ish tones, plus the regular material Transmission input. what's your approach at this?


      Thanks for your reply !

      Here some screen in outdoors env :

      Default UDK Morning Lighting

      Default UDK Midday Lighting

      Default UDK Afternoon Lighting

      Default UDK Night Lighting

      I'm still using the Transmission input but combined with a greyscale light ramp ( with a dotNL in its input, same technique as TF2 or many other games but with a Greyscale Ramp instead of color ramp) who permit to me to control the sharpeness of the light on the mesh. I've got an other DotNL who gives me a light-bleeding ( still in progress ). I put this to my TransmissionMask and in the TransmissionColor input I can set my colors ( 2 for now, one the incident light and one for the inscattering light ).
      Everything for now is not perfect plus I need better mesh with nice normal map and diffuse.

      Sorry for my bad explanation :s


        That looks really great, for using transmission, great job.


          Thanks !

          Transmission can be really good with some tricks.


            I think this is the best skin I have seen so far in UDK. Very nice.


              can you share that love, with community


                Originally posted by skwisdemon666 View Post
                I think this is the best skin I have seen so far in UDK. Very nice.
                Thank you but I think it needs more works to be good as I want.

                Originally posted by Eduardas View Post
                can you share that love, with community
                I think I will when the shader will be finished.

                Can someone know a way to calculate dynamically the thickness of a mesh in udk using the mat editor ?


                  So some news,

                  I found a better mesh here :

                  I've change a lot of things to my technique but still using the Transmission. I think I'll move to custom shader soon since I'm a bit limited for now.


                    Ok so I've moved to custom lighting and I've have to admit that is very powerfull

                    Screeny :

                    C&C are apreciated !


                      That last batch looks like photos. Wow.


                        Very nice stuff, keep up the good work.


                          Thanks it's much appreciated !