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just starting on a level and needing some feedback.

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    ironicly I had to comment out the physics line in the other folders until I got that up and running but never thought about commenting out a line as a trial and error.
    thanks I'll give it a try and hopefully it won't be something I need later on down the road.


      If you want Zombie type AI check out Teglegs tutorial on that, pretty cool and something pretty close to what your after I think. He can always be founds pretty quickly in the programming section!

      As for your minimap, I've a few tutorials out there. You'll have to do some Googling.


        awesome thanks, but where do I find Teglegs tutorials? do you have a link?
        I got the zombie code partly working but I might check out that tut. anyways
        as for the mini map I found a 48 page tutorial on the scaleform version that I am in the middle of might take a couplre of days.
        thank again.




            sorry for the late reply but I am going to mess around with this later tonight with the active ai zombie code because that seems like what I have been looking for.
            I'm still not 100% sure if I like the green street lights, I'm thinking of changing them to a pail blue (coldness instead of sickness)

            thanks white paper games for the link and the help.