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UDK Magika-Technology War Game Project

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    UDK Magika-Technology War Game Project

    Hello. I just wanted to get some feedback and opinions on a game project I am making.

    Here are some in-game visuals.

    The game is about an ongoing war between "Magic" and "Technology" although there are other factions in the game as well. Will post more details later. Also videos are to follow of the combat system and dialogue system.
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    my advise is to improve the terrain details such as the texture (scale it down a bit)
    also when you look away from the hills / mountains you will see that everything is the same level. All trees as the same size, flat terrain ect.
    So filling up the zone with foliage and more terrain details with hills and different heights will make it look much better.

    The armor + player and such are cool ^^ i like it.

    Maby you could give us some more information about the game? storyline and such?



      The background for the storyline is that there is an alternate universe to our own, where Magick rules all, and Powerful Mages rule over the daily lives of citizens. That is, until an Industrial Revolution takes place. Steam engines are invented, as well as guns, and science begins to rule over the lives of citizens, as the sorcery and superstition of the past begins to fade.

      This conflict between Magick and Technology has escalated into all out war between the citizens of Rex(The continent in which the game is set), with pistol packing technologists fighting in the streets against spell casting wizards.

      You start out as a neutral in this conflict. Choose sides, or remain neutral and "Travel the Gray Path" as it were. There are multiple technological disciplines in the game(as well as multiple schools of magick that can be majored in).

      The screenshots are of humans(Bandits, which are one of the factions in the game), that got in the way of the player.

      The main factions are Imperials, Dagons, Bandits(Rogues), Pirates, and Imperial Rebels. I may add more factions later.

      I made a faction system where the AI, before adding the player as an "Enemy" targets the player and checks his(or her) rating against a list of faction ratings found in that pawns class. If that rating is found to be below a certain amount, then that player is targeted as an enemy.

      I will follow later with a video of the game.


      And yes, it is possible, even though there is a war between Magick and Technology, that you have wizards that were trained to be magicians, but who prefer technology, and technologists who majored in scientific disciplines, who had a change of heart(That fireball spell is mighty powerful!)


        Yes I am still working on the terrain, this is not the final version, just a demo to get opinions of it. I will work on the terrain a little more and get it to look better, though.


          As mentioned already, foliage would make the trees look more natural, but it looks like you're off to a great start. I like the castle and the armor a lot.

          But is the title Magika? There is already an "indie" game out with that name...


            No title yet

            I haven't thought up of a title yet, this is just the content of the game. I am open for a title though. Any suggestions? I put grass in the game, but the performance was terrible(Guess I put too much grass), so I am going to make my own grass in speedtree.


              There will be nine(as of now) races in the game.

              Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-Elves, Orcs, Half-Orcs, Ogres, Half-Ogres, and Dagons.

              I will be modelling the heads in the coming weeks and uploading the results. I am also going to implement horse riding.


                Here is a render(wireframe) of a background that I am going to have in the game. I had an idea that I might make some of the scenes in the game wireframe for that "cool" effect. Of course I will have more of the "flyby" of the castle, like taken from a beautiful vantage point.


                  I will be uploading a video of my dialogue system very soon for all those interested. It supports full-body animation, upper-body only animation, and facial animation with kismet-UScript integration for ease of use.


                    nice i was thinking of a concept excactly like this.

                    Mine was called "Timerift" and was a multiplayer 32v32 map.

                    Where the medieval world would get invaded by the future in a conquest for resources.

                    But this sounds alot more cool

                    Keep up the good work.


                      Thank you for the comment and the kind words! I am almost finished with the dialogue demo for the movie, will be uploading the movie tomorrow or thursday. In the meantime here is a concept of the game world(note this is not the final version, as the original idea was that the game-world would be set amongst islands, but that idea has changed)


                        Ok here it is(finally) my dialogue system. It is still a work in progress though.


                          Let me know what you guys think of it, and I am open for any suggestions even if it is criticism, criticism makes one better.


                            Only just come across this project. Realyl cool dialogue in there technically, but visually it's a little hard to see.

                            I don't think you should use that white text over the redish/orange backgrounds. I think you should have more of a solid neautral colour with slight opacity (if you wanted it) and then maybe use a bold black clear font.

                            I think technically its very cool, but from the video you posted, a little unclear Good work though!


                              I think I'm going to bring the dialogue actors a little closer together, to make more room so you can see the action. I was using the white text because it stands out in the dark parts of the game, yet it can still be seen in the light parts of the game. I am going to change the background that the text is on,however. The animations seen on the character are reusable, and tied to the situation that the npc is talking about. I am going to have several dozen of these animations(happy dialogue, sad dialogue, angry dialogue, etc) to apply to the characters.